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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random Admissions Thoughts December 2013 Edition

We have made it past the Early Action decisions, and we are now at the next stages of the admission cycle. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about what happens in Admissions and UGA from December to late March.

  • Scholarships-We are working on the review of files for scholarships, but as of today we have only had about four working days since decisions were released, and most of those were spent talking with families. I expect that we will begin releasing some scholarship offers in mid-late December, and this will continue until mid-April as we review files for different scholarships. We will offer about 15-20% of admitted student's scholarships overall, but it takes time.
  • Honors-The Honors program is working with UGA's new student system for the first time, so please be patient with this office as they begin their review for their early offers. They hope to be able to start communicating with accepted applicants in December, but it will depend on many things. Again, please be patient with their office.
  • Deferred EA applicants are beginning to submit part II of the application and get in teacher recommendations, and we expect the majority will finish these steps during the December holidays. Deferred applicants do not need to submit a new application or pay a new application fee, and it will cause problems for applicants who try to do this. In addition, the last section of part II is an update form, where an applicant can give us new information such as updated activities, fall grades, new honors, etc.
  • While Fall grades are not required for RD or deferred EA applicants, I heavily suggest sending them in, either on part II or on an updated transcript. Accepted students do not need to send us updated grades unless requested by another office (Honors for instance).
  • For RD applicants, it is best to apply first and then send in any school documents, as it is easier and quicker to match these items. Test scores can come in prior to applying without issue, but documents have to be saved in our holding files and then matched every day, and these files get a little overwhelming during deadline times with thousands of non-matched documents.
  • For a few students, GA411 is having issues with sending transcripts to us if one was sent earlier in the summer (June/July). You may get an email from GA411 saying we downloaded the transcript, but this comes from GA411, not us, so go by myStatus.
  • During your senior year, do not catch senioritis or do something that you will regret the next day. The main reason we would ever rescind an admission offer would be a serious drop in grades or a problematic conduct issue, so stay strong and focused.
  • Remember, more is not always better. If you have ten teacher recommendations sent to us, or decide you need to send us a five page resume, or decide that 200 word short answer limits are too limiting and decide to send us two page essays by mail, know that it becomes harder to see the forest through the trees. Brevity and being concise are not bad things.
  • We will accept SAT/ACT scores from exams taken and requested to be sent by the end of January. Please make sure you request your scores be sent to UGA when you sign up for the exam. Do not wait until you have seen your January scores before requesting them to be sent, as that might be too late. Remember, we only use the highest scores, so thee is no need to wait before sending them.
Go Dawgs!

Friday, April 8, 2011

UGA National Scholars named

Over the past few months, a number of national programs have named their scholarship recipients, from the Goldwater Scholars to the new Rangel Graduate Fellowship. As such, here is a partial list of the UGA students who were named as scholars from these programs:
  • Victoria Akin, a third-year student from Macon, GA and a graduate of Mount de Sales Academy, was named a 2011 Goldwater Scholar. Victoria has done research in epidemiology with faculty in the UGA College of Public Health, and the National Science Foundation Research Experience.
  • Michael Burel, a third-year student from Acworth, GA and a graduate of Carlton J. Kell HS, was named a 2011 Goldwater Scholar. Michael has worked as a CURO apprentice in the lab of Dr. Steven Stice, was selected for the NYU Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and conducted research in France this past summer in stem cell work.
  • Amar Mirza, a third-year student from Hiram, GA and a graduate of Marietta HS, was named a 2011 Goldwater Scholar. Amar has conducted research in biochemistry and molecular biology in the lab of Dr. Natarajan Kannan, and participated in CURO, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Exceptional Research Opportunities Program, and has worked in the field at a health clinic in Haiti.
  • Ashley Bartlett, a fourth-year student from Longwood, FL and graduate of Lake Mary HS, is a Rangel Graduate Fellowship recipient, which has a focus on students pursuing careers as US Foreign Service diplomats. Ashley participated in the  World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program, and studied in the UGA at Oxford study abroad program in 2009.
  • Todd Pierson, a fourth-year student from Zionsville, IN and graduate of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, was named a Udall Scholar, with a focus on ecological studies. Todd has traveled to Guatemala, where he collected and studied new species of amphibians and reptiles, and has scheduled expeditions to Oman and the United Arab Emirates along with a return to Guatemala this year.
  • Muktha Natrajan, a fourth-year student from Martinez, GA and a graduate of Lakeside HS, was named a 2011 Gates Cambridge Scholar (after being named a 2009 Goldwater Scholar and a 2010 Udall Scholar). Muktha has done research in Dr. Steven Stice's lab, has studied at Nanjing University in China, participated in the NYU Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and was an intern with the World Health Organization in Namibia. Upon graduation in May, she will receive a BS degree in Genetics and a Master of Public Health degree in environmental health science.

Congratulations to these students, along with all the other UGA scholars who have done so much and have so many great opportunities both in graduate programs and in the workplace! 

Go Dawgs!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Common Questions (and Answers) While UGA is Closed

UGA will be closed from late afternoon on December 24 through January 3, and as such, we will not be available to answer many questions. Like many of you, I will also be unavailable at times during the break, so here are a few common questions and answers to hold you over during the time we are closed. Please be patient with me if you post any comments!

Deadlines and Materials
I have had several questions about when application materials need to be in, what happens if they are not in, etc. UGA Admissions works hard to complete a student's file, and we will work with students if things come in a little late. For paper documents, our deadlines are postmark deadlines, and we will keep the online school forms open after the deadline. This does not mean that a student should do things after the deadline though! Make sure you speak with your counselor and teacher early about getting in materials, and give them time to do their work! And if you choose to apply on the deadline, please understand that we will take you application, but you are setting yourself up to possibly have problems by not giving yourself any leeway with required materials. Do yourself a favor and take care of things before the deadline!

Mailed materials
My estimate is that from a person mailing out documents to it showing up in the system takes at least 6-8 business days, give or take (if your application is already in the system). If a counselor or teacher sent documents off on a Monday let's say, then 8 business days means Wednesday of the following week. Please also remember that UGA will be closed down from late afternoon on Friday, 12/24, until the morning of Jan. 4, so be patient with us during that span, as we will not be in the office or updating the myStatus page during that gap. Please remember that our deadlines are postmarked deadlines, so there is no reason to send something FedEx, UPS rush, two day postal delivery, etc., and at times these special deliveries can slow things down as they get held up due to non-delivery on weekends, routing things a non-traditional way, etc. Stick with online delivery (still the best by far!) or standard post office mailing.

January SAT exam
The last test score date UGA will be able to use is the Jan. 22 SAT. The Feb. ACT is too late, especially since it takes longer for ACT to get the scores back than SAT (which usually gets us scores in under three weeks).

First Semester Grades
Applicants are not required to send in first semester grades, but we do like to see them when reviewing a student’s file, so I would suggest having an updated transcript sent in to UGA. We will be accepting first semester grades through Feb. 1, but I would suggest having your school send them in as soon as possible after they are ready. Accepted EA applicants do not need to send in first semester grades unless requested to by Honors or the Foundation Fellows/Ramsey Scholarship Program.

UGA will be making scholarship decisions (along with out-of-state waivers) from mid-December through mid-April as we review files and finish receiving applications. In December, we will have awarded a small number of scholarships, but we are a long way from completing the process.

Honors needs time to review the admitted students, so please be patient with them during their review of admitted students. Only Honors would know when they will be releasing decisions, the criteria they use for review, etc.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Congratulations Tracy Yang, UGA Rhodes Scholar!

Tracy Yang, a senior at UGA (and Westside HS of Macon graduate), has been named a Rhodes Scholar, the 22nd in UGA's history. Tracy is an Anthropology major, and has done research in the health disparities within the lower socio-economic populations within the United States and Nicaragua. She was named as a Truman Scholar last Spring, and has served in several leadership roles in the UGA chapter of  Roosevelt Institute, a national student-run think tank. In addition, Tracy is a Foundation Fellow at UGA, and is a member of the Honors Program.

Congratulations to Tracy and all of the other 2011 Rhodes Scholars, and we wish you all well during your time at Oxford!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Honors Program and Scholarships

Every year, right after we release Early Action decisions, two questions are certain to follow; When will Honors start making admission decisions, and when we will hear something about scholarships? These are not bad questions to ask, and I will try to give you a little insight into the time lines for both. Please remember, though, that the Honors program has their own application and their own process, so that office is the best one to answer Honors questions. I will just be passing on information that our office has received.

1) About one to two weeks after our Early Action decisions go out, Honors will generally send out a first wave of decisions, sometimes referred to as "auto-admit" decisions, and these will be based upon an admitted student's academic information. These will only make up a part of the Honors admission offers, as a number of students will also be invited to apply to Honors based upon their academic information, and other students will move forward on their own with the application process. The deadline for applying for the Honors program is February 1, and the Honors Program site can give you more information about this process. The Honors Program will then be able to review the submitted applications and make decisions, with a time line of having Honors decisions out by mid-April.

2) Scholarships follow along a similar path, and are mostly done by the Admissions Office. Within the next week or so, our office expects to release our first wave of scholarship offers, and these will be based on the overall academic information of the applicants. From January all the way through March, we will be reviewing admissions applications both for admission and for scholarship possibilities. We expect that by late March, all of our scholarships will be awarded. We have now made it so the scholarship offers are posted on the status check (for the admitted students who have been offered one),  as well as being sent by snail mail. Please remember, though, that we can only offer a limited number of scholarships, and if no scholarship is posted on your status check, it means that one has not been offered to you (at least at this time). Remember, we will continue to review files and make scholarship offers through March, so you do not need to contact us if you do not see one on your status check.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Challenge Yourself!

I was at a swim meet last night watching my son and daughter compete, and I had a chance to watch some amazing athletes. In one 11-12 year old heat, my son was up against a young man whose times were better than some 18 year old swimmers. While it was tough knowing that my son would not win, I also knew that could only improve from this challenge. Would I rather have him race against the 8 year old group and crush them? No way. The way to improve, be motivated and get ready for the future is to challenge yourself.

I am guessing you can see where I am going with this. UGA puts a great deal of emphasis on the rigor of a students course work, and wants students who will rise to the challenge and be ready for the level of work in our classrooms. I am not saying go out and take 14 AP classes and make all C's. My statement has always been to challenge yourself to the level of difficulty you can handle. This is important to UGA applicants because rigor is a major factor in our evaluation, and because overall, it will benefit you in your UGA classes.

So go out there and challenge yourself with Honors classes, IB programs, AP course work, and dual enrollment college courses! Do it for admissions, but more importantly, do it for yourself.