Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Summer/Fall 2015 Transfer Update

We are almost finished with the Summer Transfer applications, and the only ones left are generally files that have transcripts which are very difficult, or the transcript has only recently reached our office. In total, the Summer transfer applicant pool was 416 applicants, and we hope to have all decisions out (for complete files) by the end of the week.

We also have a few new transfer evaluation team members, and since they do not have the experience to review the most challenging summer files, we are starting on Fall 2015 transfer applicants today. Currently, we have just under 2,000 fall transfer applicants, but that will grow since the deadline is April 1. Once we have been reviewing files for a few weeks, I will have a better idea of how many files on average we are able to review in a day. In the past, it has been about 50 decisions a day with a full team focused on just fall transfers (and not finishing the tough summer files), but we will have to wait and see how this year shapes up as far as our reviews. We are about one month ahead of time in reviewing fall transfers, as last year we were still building the transfer articulation process in our new system. We will still need to do some work on transfer articulation on colleges that we do not see often, but we should be able to move much faster than last year as far as transfer decisions go.

Transfer decisions are made on a daily basis Monday through Friday, and it varies on how many decisions we can make in a day due to the complexity of some transfer files. The myStatus page is updated in the early a.m. every business morning, and decisions are posted on the myStatus page and are mailed to transfer applicants.We generally try to review files based on when a file is complete (earliest to latest), but this is not an exact science due to complexities within the transfer process.

Please make sure that we have transcripts from all colleges you have ever attended, even if it was dual enrollment work in HS. As well, if you have a college on the myStatus system that is different from where you have attended, you should contact our office to correct this (email, as it is most likely a college code that was transposed when you entered in your previous college and is easy to fix. If you have a different name on a transcript from what is on the application, please contact our office two weeks after the transcript is sent if it has not yet matched with your file. In addition, please be patient, as it takes a while to both match up documents and make transfer decisions.

Go Dawgs!

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