Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 2015 Update

We are just over one week from the Regular Decision deadline today, and I am guessing that thousands of students are finishing up the final pieces of the application. As you can see from the projected weather for the next few days, you never know when something odd might cause a delay in taking care of your application, from a power outage, school being closed, a bout of the flu (stay healthy out there!) or something else entirely. As such, I heavily suggest that anyone who is working on their application not wait until the day of the deadline to submit your application! We have roughly 17,500 total applications in so far, and we expect the next two weeks to be busy handling applications, documents, test scores, phone calls, etc.

After you apply, please be patient with us as we match up your documents. When you request a test score or document to be sent to UGA, it does not get sent instantly, and we need time to match up items. We generally suggest giving us 8-10 business days between the item being sent out or the application being submitted (whichever one is later) and it posting on the myStatus. As well, if you had items sent to us prior to applying, it takes a while to hand match these items, especially with the volume of applications being submitted around the deadline. We have given you until January 22 to send in supporting materials (postmark or electronic submission date), and we will be accepting the January SAT as the last exam date, so we will be taking test scores through about mid-February. In order for us to use an SAT or ACT, you need to have both taken and requested it be sent to us by the end of January.

The best thing to do after applying and having all items sent is to monitor the myStatus page and to be patient with us. If, after 8-10 business days after the document is sent, the item(s) are still not showing and you have made sure they were sent, you can then contact us to check on the situation.

I hope this helps, and Go Dawgs!

P.S.: Remember that it is only after you submit the application and have access to your myStatus page (generally 1-2 days after applying) that you will be able to see and use the text boxes to enter in your counselor and teacher email addresses.

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