Monday, May 19, 2014

Fall 2014 Transfer Update

At this time, we have made decisions on roughly 80% of the Fall transfer applications that are complete and ready for review. This leaves us with about 400 or so files to still review for admissions, along with the checking of incomplete files for any missing documents/unusual circumstances.

Starting today, we will be taking a slightly different approach to the remaining transfer applications that are fairly complex and time consuming, generally with multiple college transcripts and/or from colleges that we do not see very often. Usually, if we admit a student, the next step would be to enter their work into our articulation form in our student system, and we would then post the equivalent coursework into the system as well. As you can guess, this is the complex and time consuming part of the process. For these remaining applications, we will postpone this time consuming step, and make a decision without posting the credit. The student will generally be able to see what transfers into UGA and how it transfers through our transfer equivalency system, and this will mean that we will be able to make a vast majority of these decisions over the next few days.

While we will still have a few applications where we are not able to make a decision yet, due to either an academic office at UGA wanting to review the file as well or some oddity with the file, we should be able get through almost all files within 2-3 days this week. In addition, we will continue to work on entering in work for articulation purposes, both for these applicants and for any updated spring courses for our admitted Summer and Fall applicants. We will also be tracking these applications daily, and if any of the accepted students with non-articulated work submit a deposit, we will then articulate the work ASAP.

While this is not a perfect solution, we hope that this will move things forward for almost all transfer applicants who are still waiting on a decision.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Update for Fall 2014 Transfers

We are continuing to work diligently on our review the 2014 Fall transfer applications.  At this time, we have made roughly 1300 decisions of the 2400 applications (2000 or so who are complete) we received this year.  Based on this weeks numbers, we are averaging about 70 decisions being made per day, which is an increase over our traditional average in our old system. In looking at past years, while we are behind our normal timeline, I do not project we will be too far off historically by late-May. We have been reviewing some of our more challenging applications, but we still have a number that we are having to build the transfer articulation for prior to making any offer of admission.

Please remember we cannot tell you when you will have a decision as this depends on many factors. Applications are generally processed in the order in which the file was completed, but this is not always the case, as some files are more challenging, are from colleges where we are having to build a catalog in the new system, or are just complex. As well, I am not able to look at each individual file to see why someone did nor did not receive a decision based on X date.

A majority of the applications completed by the end of March or earlier have been reviewed with some exceptions, and we are working on a number of files completed in the first week of April.  Please remember that if you are transferring from an out-of-state college or a college we have not had many students apply from, your application may take a bit longer to review and thus the timeline would not be correct for your situation. Transfer decisions are updated daily on the status check, and the myStatus page is updated at about 6 am every morning.

If you have been admitted and want to see how your courses transferred, you can use the transfer equivalency chart off the admissions website. If you have submitted a deposit (fall transfer and beyond requirement), you can log on to DegreeWorks to view your transfer work. Visit the Orientation site as well to learn about your next steps and to register for a session.

I hope this helps, and I will try to keep everyone updated.

2014 Wait List Update

Late today we offered admission to a little over 130 students from the Wait List.  We admitted a very small number of students for Fall admission, but the large majority were offered admission for the Spring 2015 term. We will email this news to the students and give information about their two-week Commitment Deposit deadline, campus housing, Orientation and other pre-enrollment issues. In addition, the myStatus page is updated to show these decisions, and a decision letter will be mailed shortly. Over the next few days, we plan to email the rest of the wait-listed students to inform them that we cannot offer them admission off the Wait List, and we will then update their Status Check one final time.

In reviewing the students who we admitted off the Wait List, there were a variety of individual reasons for the offers that were made. As such, I cannot give an overarching reason for the decisions. We did take into account our earlier reviews of the files, along with a wide range of information that we had on hand.

For those many strong students we were not able to admit from the Wait List, we thank you for choosing us as one of the options for your higher education.  We wish you the very best of college success.  We understand that this is not the news you were hoping for, and we very much appreciate your patience “waiting on the Waiting List.”  Please remember that there are a number of complex reasons why the University made the final decisions it did, and we respectfully remind all that this blog cannot be used for comments about why you or other individuals did or did not get admitted in this last round of consideration.

We hope that our quick turn around of the Wait List situation has allowed you and your family to make plans on a much earlier time frame that initially projected.