Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Accepted Class Statistics

UGA once again attracted an exceptionally strong applicant pool this year.  Competition for admission was stronger than ever.  Over 21,000 applications made for a slight increase over last year's numbers, and our target goal for the freshman class is 5,200 students.  This goal still allowed us to offer admission to about 11,600 students. Here are a few middle 50% statistics about the accepted group. As these are the middle 50% range, there were admitted students with academic information both above and below these ranges.

UGA Calculated Grade Point Average mid-range:  3.80 - 4.09
(Please remember this is not the GPA students see on their high school transcript, but rather the GPA that UGA recalculates for everyone based on the core academic courses taken in high school and looking at the actual grades posted on the transcripts. GPA's above a 4.00 include added weight for AP/IB grades).
SAT Critical Reading + SAT Mathematics mid-range: 1210 - 1370
SAT Writing mid-range:  590-690
ACT Composite mid-range:  28 – 32

 In addition, our average admitted student had taken approximately 7 Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate courses.  Around 1,600 also enrolled in dual enrollment courses. While we consider AP and IB courses as factors indicative of a student’s curriculum difficulty, we also look at the entire course selection in light of each student’s chances for academic challenges.  To that end accepted UGA students have taken a wide range of Honors, Accelerated and Advanced courses, summer academic programs, and dual enrollment work.

Statistics, of course, cannot describe other crucial non-quantifiable qualities.  Our UGA accepted applicants have exceptional high school records and undoubted potential for continued success in college.  That was also true for the vast majority of the students to whom we were not able to offer admission.  Leadership capabilities, strong writing, being an active member of their school and community and showing growth from freshman to senior year were all looked at, especially as our Admissions professional staff read and re-read the final decision applications.

The above numbers will change slightly when we are able to give out the academic averages for enrolled freshmen in September, as we will then know who out of this accepted group has decided to enroll.

Congratulations to everyone in the college graduation class of 2018!  For those of you admitted and ready to commit to UGA, don’t forget to send your University of Georgia commitment deposit no later than May 1.

 Go Dawgs!

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