Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random Admissions Thoughts-October 2013 Edition

The Early Action deadline is in the rear view mirror now, and we are deep into reviewing files, cleaning up missing documents, and getting prepared for our first admission decisions in our new system. As such, here are a few notes to help get you through the waiting until decision day.

  • If your myStatus page is still showing items as missing, this is the time to act. Make sure that the items have been sent, and get them here ASAP. We can only wait so long before we have to stop taking in materials for EA.
  • If you have not seen Gravity yet, go see it. If possible, in 3D IMAX. It is an amazing experience.
  • Please do not ask when EA decisions will be going out, as we do not know yet. Really, we don't. When we know for sure the date of the release of EA decisions, we will post it on this blog and tweet it. But for now, just be patient.
  • Everyone celebrate the fact that UGA is not a part of the Common Application this year.
  • Remember that UGA is going through an entire student system change, so please be patient with Housing, Financial Aid, Registration, etc. as we shift to this new system.
  • Do whatever you have to do so you don't catch Senioritis. Take vitamins, wear a hospital mask, eat well, get sleep, but do not catch this disease! Trust me, it is better to work hard now than to have an admission offer rescinded in the summer.
  • Do something nice for your favorite teacher tomorrow. Cookies, candy, a kind note - just let them know they matter.
  • Take a look at the Dawg Camp site, as it is an amazing opportunity to get involved during the summer.
  • For Early Action applicants, remember that deferral is not a four letter word. Deferral is like a call back for part in a play. We just want to get a more detailed look at your file before we make a decision.
  • Please review the File Review Process Page to understand how we review applications, and what we look at in the different timelines.
  • Review our UGA Admissions Urban Legends page, do not listen to any rumors, and please do not spread any rumors.
  • Enjoy your senior year of high school, as it is the only one you get (at least I hope it is).
Go Dawgs!

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