Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Year Decisions, May 1 and Mid-May

As the Wednesday, May 1 national commitment deadline for accepted First Year students approaches, we are receiving a flood of questions from UGA applicants who had agreed to join our Wait List.

Our advice to all is to remember the key word in Wait List is wait.  Just as airlines can’t assign standby passengers to seats until they are sure there are seats available, we cannot admit students from the Wait List until we know if there is space available for them.  Commitment deposits from already accepted First Year students are by far the most solid predictor for how many of them will enroll.  But it’s important to understand that their May 1 deadline is a postmark (i.e. “snail mail”) deadline.

Therefore it’s unlikely that we will know whether we can offer admission to our increasingly anxious Wait List students and, if so, how many we will have space for until the middle of May and possibly later than that.  We should add that we are just as anxious and hopeful as they are.

Remember to review our Wait List FAQs for answers to many common questions.

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Year Academic Merit Scholarships Awarded

 Over the last several weeks the Admissions staff has carefully reviewed all our newly admitted First Year students to consider them for University of Georgia academic merit scholarships.  (See the list and our discussion of merit and need-based aid at our website, https://admissions.uga.edu/article/scholarships-at-uga.html.)  Virtually all scholarships available through Admissions have now been awarded, and we have contacted each of the recipients.

At UGA, academic merit scholarships have become increasingly competitive.  This is mainly due to the limited funding we have for these awards and the high number of extremely capable students who now gain University of Georgia admission.  Nonetheless, we have somewhat increased the total number of these scholarships this year.  For example, this year we inaugurated the Classic Scholarships which are offered to academically superior out-of-state first year students.   

At this point, if you have not received notice that you have an academic merit scholarship to attend UGA, it is highly unlikely you will receive an offer of one from us in Admissions.  We are still finalizing a literal handful of specialized scholarships attached to very specific guidelines set by the generous donors who provide their funding.  You can see if you have been awarded a UGA scholarship by checking your online application Status Check.   Also, some UGA academic departments may also be awarding some scholarships which will not be reflected in the Status Check.

If you have been selected for any of our Academic Merit awards, congratulations!  Please be sure to read your offer letter carefully.  Keep it for your records.  In this letter you will see what requirements you must maintain to renew your scholarship each succeeding year and, in general, how much the scholarship is worth in relation to your overall costs.  The UGA Office of Student Financial Aid may also need to send you a revised Award letter if your scholarship was awarded after their preliminary awards were released.   

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 April QuickNotes: First Year Students, Transfers, and New Transient or Study Abroad Applicants

  • FIRST YEAR STUDENTS:  Have you changed your mind about when you want to begin your freshman enrollment at UGA?
    • May 15 is the last date for Accepted Fall 2013 freshmen to request a switch from starting in Fall Semester to starting Summer Semester
    • The big deadline:  Your acceptance deposit must be received no later than the postmark deadline of Wednesday, May 1!  Another check to write, sooner than later, is for Campus Housing
    • Are you on our Wait List?  There is still no answer as to when we will make the decision for you and a little over one-thousand other students waiting to hear.  We know “As soon as possible” is not a comfort, but it is true. Our best advice continues to be what we’ve shared with you on the Wait List FAQ, https://www.admissions.uga.edu/article/waiting-list-faq.html
  • TRANSFER APPLICANTS:  Have you met the deadline to get your Transfer Admission documents to us?
    • April 1 was the deadline for Fall Transfer student applications as well as the target deadline for us to receive all transcripts upon which we’ll make your admission decision.  Remember, we must receive current, official transcripts (not grade reports) from every college you have attended.   This includes those in which you may have been Dual Enrolled while in high school or colleges you attended only for a fraction of the first semester.
    • Your Application Status Check should indicate the date we received your transcripts.  Within reason, our office will be flexible for official transcripts that arrive as late as this week or early next week.  If you have questions or special situations, you may email us at admproc@uga.edu.
    • What about a transcript for courses in which you are currently enrolled?  We cannot use the credit or hours on transcripts which are not received by the deadline in order to make our transfer admission decision for you.  Decisions are based on your overall transfer GPA and the number of course credit hours you have attempted.  Subsequent transcripts following your UGA admission offer will be evaluated and the extra courses and credits will be added to your UGA files.
    • So far, over 95 percent of our almost 500 completed Summer Semester transfer applications have been fully processed.  The pool of Fall Transfer applicants is five times larger.   As of April 9, only one-fourth of the Fall applications are both complete and processed by members of our documents and evaluation teams.   We are hard at work! 
    • Summer Transient and Study Abroad applicants are those students currently enrolled at another college who wish to attend one term at UGA and transfer the credit back to their home institution. The credit may also be used towards meeting future Transfer Admission Requirements at UGA.
    • Summer Transient applicants must submit a Letter of Good Standing or Official Transcript from their home institution along with their application. Summer is the only term Transients may take On-Campus UGA courses.  The deadlines for Transient applications and receipt of all required documents are May 1 for the “Maymester” term and May 15 for Summer term.
    • Study Abroad applicants must be accepted to their UGA Study Abroad program, in addition to a Letter of Good Standing or Official Transcript from their home institution and application. For more about UGA Study Abroad and its deadlines, contact the UGA Office of International Education at http://www.uga.edu/oie/.
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