Friday, March 29, 2013

A First Look at 2013 Admitted Freshmen Credentials

UGA once again attracted an exceptionally strong applicant pool this year.  Competition for admission was stronger than ever.  Our 21,000 applications were a significant increase over last year, but it was unfortunately not balanced with an equivalent increase in the number of possible spaces for enrolled freshmen, around 5,200.  This goal still allowed us to offer admission to almost 11,000 students.

For perspective, here are some basic statistics on those offered admission.  Because simple averages and highest-lowest extreme for summarizing groups of students can be misleading, our professional associations and testing agencies recommend describing applicant, accepted and enrollment cohorts’ statistics using the “middle 50%.” Here is a first look at four basic factors showing who was ranked between the 25th and 75th percentile:

College Prep Grade Point Average:  3.77 - 4.05
(Please remember this is not the GPA students see on their high school transcript, but rather the GPA that UGA recalculates for everyone based on the core academic courses taken in high school and looking at the actual grades posted on the transcripts).
SAT Critical Reading + SAT Mathematics: 1200 - 1370
SAT Writing:  590-690
ACT Composite:  27 – 32

 In addition, our average admitted student had taken 6 or more Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate courses.  Around 1,500 also enrolled in dual enrollment courses. While we consider AP and IB courses as factors indicative of a student’s curriculum difficulty, we also look at the entire course selection in light of each student’s chances for academic challenges.  To that end accepted UGA students have taken a wide range of Honors and Advanced courses, summer enrichment programs, and college dual enrollment.

Statistics, of course, cannot describe other crucial non-quantifiable qualities.  Most UGA accepted applicants have exceptional high school records and undoubted potential for continued success in college.  That was also true for the vast majority of the students to whom we were not able to offer admission.  Valuable leadership capabilities, strong writing, being an active member of their school and community and showing great growth from freshman to senior year were all evident, especially as our Admissions professional staff read and re-read well over 8,000 packed folders prior to our final decisions.

Congratulations to everyone in the college graduation class of 2017!  For those of you admitted and ready to commit to UGA, don’t forget to send your University of Georgia commitment deposit NO LATER than May 1.  Best of wishes to all, and…

 Go Dawgs!

Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Freshman Decisions are Available

Final freshman decisions are now available online.  We had a very strong applicant pool this year! We had about 21,000 applications which was our largest applicant pool ever.  Here are a few notes about decisions:

  • Please do not have multiple family members try to log onto the myStatus.  This will slow down our serves.  We suggest that only the student log in as multiple people logging in could lock down your myStatus.   You can always share this information with family members after you see it.
  • Before commenting about other students who have a decision, please review the Elephant Fable post ( ) and remember that you may not know everything about another student.
  • We will delete any comments that are offensive, ask for personal information/stats from others, or that fall into the unacceptable comment category (Comments that bully, intimidate, or harass any user; Content that is hateful or threatening.  Please see the New Visitors information posted on the right side of the blog).
  • We have posted three blog posts this morning, one for each of the three decision possibilities, with details about each decision and links to FAQs.  Please review everything about a decision before commenting.
  • Please remember that other students and the admissions representatives in our office are people too and treat everyone with respect.  Before hitting submit on a comment, make sure you actually want to post it.
  • We will post statistics about the overall applicant group next week, once that information is available.
  • No matter what your decision is, remember that there are a number of college options and UGA is just one of them.
  • After decisions are out, the next steps are up to you.  Whether you are depositing at UGA or another school, signing up for Housing, or registering for Orientation.  Make sure you take care of everything you need to post-decision.
Go Dawgs!

2013 Admitted Freshman

We plan to make the final wave of freshman decisions available by 6PM today.

For those of you who have been admitted to UGA, here is a post for you and a chance to comment.  Please remember that this is not a blog where you should post statistics or throw fellow students under the bus.  These types of comments will be deleted.

Congratulations to all of the freshman who were admitted and we look forward to you becoming part of the Bulldog Nation.  The next steps for a new student can be seen in the flyer in your admission packet, so please go ahead and review what you need to do next.  In addition, there will be a great deal of information you can access off of your myStatus page.  So when you have the time, please review this.  Please remember a small number of students will be admitted for January start.  You will find specific information on your myStatus and in your admissions packet.

Remember that the Housing and myID pages may need a few business days before your information will be available.  Please be patient with these sites.

You have until May 1 to submit a commitment deposit in order to hold a spot in our freshman class.  We hope the next stage of the admission process is a little less nerve wracking than the decision process.  As you celebrate, make sure to be considerate of others in your school who may not have been admitted.

Good luck in the next stage of the college admissions process.  Go Dawgs!

2013 Wait List Freshman

We plan to make the final wave of freshman decisions available by 6PM today.   For some students, you will be offered a place on our wait list.  Every year our office has to predict approximately how many students we can admit in order to enroll our freshman class, but we can never be sure how many students will enroll until after the May 1 commitment deposit deadline has passed.  If the number of students who say they will be attending UGA is lower than we expect, we may need to go to our wait list group in order to get the size that we want for our freshman class.  Every year we have about 1,000 students on the wait list.  We carefully monitor the deposits coming into the University to see where we are in comparison to the predicted freshman numbers.

For those of you who have been wait-listed, here is a chance for you to comment.  Please remember that this is not a blog where you should post statistics or throw fellow classmates under the bus.  These types of comments will be deleted.

The Wait List FAQ can answer some questions, but the most important thing you need to do is decide if you want to remain on the wait list.  Follow the instructions on the status check or wait list letter we mailed to let us know if you want to stay on the wait list or if you want to decline this option and move forward with admission at another college.  If you decide to stay on the wait list, you should still move forward with an alternate college plan as we will not know about any wait list options until May at the earliest.  If you select to stay on the wait list, we will know that you still want to attend UGA if an opportunity opens up.  The key word in wait list is wait as this is not a quick process.  So please be prepared to wait.

This year there are three options for the wait list reply.  You can say no, please do not consider me for the wait list.  The next option is to remain on the wait list, but only if it is for the Fall term.  The third option is to remain on the wait list and be considered for both Fall and Spring terms.  This is so that if there is space available for the Fall term, we will look at all of the students who have asked to remain on the wait list.  If the only space available is for Spring term, we will only look at students who said Fall or Spring.  Once you select an option, you cannot change it so be sure to think about your decision before you make your selection.

We will not know details about the wait list until after May 15, and it may be well after that.  Please be patient with our office and read the FAQ before asking questions as it can give you a great deal of information.

2013 Denied Freshman

We plan to make the final wave of freshman decisions available by 6PM today.   Unfortunately, we were not able to admit a number of strong applicants as we are limited in the size of our freshman class.  We know that you have a number of other strong college options and suggest you focus on the other great opportunities that are ahead rather than on a denial from UGA.  If your ultimate goal is to graduate from the University of Georgia, then we suggest you look at transfer opportunities down the road.  For now, focus on your current college options, find one that fits you best, and have a great freshman year there.  Please read our Denied Student FAQ if you have questions.

Please remember that this is not a blog where you should post statistics or throw fellow classmates under the bus.  These types of comments will be deleted.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Elephant Parable, 2013 Edition

As the end of March approaches, First Year decisions will soon be available.  Every year after these decisions, there are a wave of unhappy comments about specific decisions.  For the past several years we have had a post about the importance of knowing everything about a situation before judging it.  Below is a re-post of the Elephant Parable.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived six blind men. Each of them was very wise. Each of them had gone to school and read lots of books in braille. They knew so much about so many things that people would often come from miles around to get their advice. They were happy to share whatever they knew with the people who asked them thoughtful questions.

One day these six wise blind men went for a walk in the zoo. That day the zoo-keeper was worrying about all of her many troubles. The night before she had had an argument with her husband, and her children had been misbehaving all day long. She had so much on her mind that she forgot to lock the gate of the elephant cage as she was leaving it. Now, elephants are naturally very curious animals. They quickly tried to push the gate to the cage to see if it might open. To their great surprise, the gate swung freely on its hinge. Two of the more daring elephants walked over to the gate. They looked left and right, and then quietly tip-toed out of the cage.
Just at that moment the six blind men walked by. One of them heard a twig snap, and went over to see what it was that was walking by.

"Hi there !" said the first blind man to the first elephant. "Could you please tell us the way to the zoo restaurant?" The elephant couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, so he sort of shifted his weight from left to right to left to right. The first blind man walked over to see if this big silent person needed any help. Then, with a big bump, he walked right into the side of the elephant. He put out his arms to either side, but all he could feel was the big body of the elephant.  "Boy," said the first blind man. "I think I must have walked into a wall. "

The second blind man was becoming more and more curious about what was happening. He walked over to the front of the elephant and grabbed hold of the animal's trunk. He quickly let go and shouted, "This isn't a wall. This is a snake! We should step back in case it's poisonous."

The third man quickly decided to find out what was going on, and to tell his friends what they had walked into. He walked over to the back of the elephant and touched the animal's tail. "This is no wall, and this is no snake. You are both wrong once again. I know for sure that this is a rope."

The fourth man sighed as he knew how stubborn his friends could be. The fourth blind man decided that someone should really get to the bottom of this thing. So he crouched down on all fours and felt around the elephant's legs. (Luckily for the fourth man, this elephant was very tame and wouldn't think of stepping on a human being.) "My dear friends," explained the fourth man. "This is no wall and this is no snake. This is no rope either. What we have here, gentlemen, is four tree trunks. That's it. Case closed."

The fifth blind man was not so quick to jump to conclusions. He walked up to the front of the elephant and felt the animal's two long tusks. "It seems to me that this object is made up of two swords," said the fifth man. "What I am holding is long and curved and sharp at the end. I am not sure what this could be, but maybe our sixth friend could help us."

The sixth blind man scratched his head and thought and thought. He was the one who really was the wisest of all of them. He was the one who really knew what he knew, and knew what he didn't know. Just then the worried zoo-keeper walked by. "Hi there ! How are you enjoying the zoo today ?" she asked them all. "The zoo is very nice," replied the sixth blind man. "Perhaps you could help us figure out the answer to a question that's been puzzling us." "Sure thing," said the zoo-keeper, as she firmly grabbed the elephant's collar.
"My friends and I can't seem to figure out what this thing in front of us is. One of us thinks it's a wall; one thinks it's a snake; one thinks it's a rope, and one thinks it's four tree trunks. How can one thing seem so different to five different people?"

"Well," said the zoo-keeper. "You are all right. This elephant seems like something different to each one of you. And the only way to know what this thing really is, is to do exactly what you have done. Only by sharing what each of you knows can you possibly reach a true understanding."
The six wise men had to agree with the wisdom of the zoo-keeper. The first five of them had been too quick to form an opinion without listening to what the others had to say. So they all went off to the zoo restaurant and had a really hearty lunch.

When admissions is looking at an application, we are reviewing the whole applicant in the context of their situation.  While someone might know or read one aspect of a student, they do not know the whole of an applicant's life.  You might see the number of AP courses taken by one student over another, but not know all of the classes taken or how we look at the overall rigor.  You might see SAT/ACT scores that seem slightly lower than another student, but not know the individual subscores.  You might see a student with less clubs, but not see the student's family life, employment or other demands put on that person.

When commenting on the blog or looking at other applicants, please keep in mind that you may know one thing about a student, but you do not know the whole of the person.    We are looking at everything within a student's file, seeing connections, understanding strengths and weaknesses, and trying to see the overall person.  You might think that you know a situation because you know one aspect of an applicant, but you might just be holding an elephant's tail and thinking it's a rope.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updates on the Transfer Review Process for Fall and Summer

We have started reviewing Fall transfer applications.  With the exception of a few oddities, we are finished with almost all Summer transfers.  The myStatus is currently down and will not be accessible until First Year decisions are released.  Letters are continuing to be mailed as decisions are made.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you when you will have a transfer decision as this depends on many factors.  In general, applications are processed in the order in which they are completed.  To have a complete application we must have a transcript from every college you have previously attended.  This includes dual enrollment coursework you may have completed while enrolled in high school.  

If you applied last fall, please be sure you have sent your most up-to-date transcript.  Your myStatus will have a date next to your transcript(s) to show when it was received.  If you were enrolled in coursework last fall and we have not received an updated transcript with fall grades, we will not be able to process your application.

We will post additional updates as we are able to.

Go Dawgs!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

myStatus Page Down

In preparation for First Year decisions, the myStatus page will be temporarily closed.  This will affect the status check for First Year and Transfer applicants.  We must do this to allow our office to begin the final stages of the decision process.  We will still be making transfer decisions during this time and letters will continue to be mailed  Please bear with us as we move forward with decisions. We do not have a date for the release of First Year decisions.  Once that is available, we will post an update.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Transfer FAQ's and Updates

We have been getting a lot of questions about transfer admissions lately.  Here are a few updates as well as answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

  • When will I have a decision?  Unfortunately we cannot tell you when you will have a transfer decision as this depends on many factors.  We are currently still working through summer transfer applications and estimate that we are about halfway through.  It is likely that we will continue to work with summer applications through the middle of March.  Once we have finished reviewing summer applications we will begin reviewing fall.  Generally applications are reviewed in the order in which they are completed.
  • Is my application complete?  You should be checking your myStatus to see if your application is complete.  We must have a transcript from every college/university you have previously attended.  This includes coursework completed for dual enrollment while in high school.  Remember, we must have your most up-to-date transcript(s).  If you were enrolled in coursework last fall and  we have not received a transcript since early last December, we probably do not have a transcript with your fall grades.  You are not complete until you submit an updated transcript. 
  • Are transfer decisions made on a rolling basis?  Transfer decisions are available on your myStatus as they are made.  Decisions are not released in large waves as in the First Year process.  As soon as you have a decision, deny or accept, it will be posted to your status check.
  • I have been admitted, what should I do now?  Visit the Orientation website once you are admitted.  The Orientation site has a lot of important information for you, including a comprehensive "To-Do" list.
  • How can I see which classes UGA accepted?  Once you have created your UGA MyID you will have access to DegreeWorks.  This program will show you which credit transferred as well as how your credit transferred.  Please do not ask us if a course can be used to satisfy credit in a different area.  Your academic advisor will determine which areas credit can be applied to.
Remember to monitor your myStatus to make sure we have received your transcripts and have the most up-to-date information for you.  We will keep you posted with updates regarding the summer and fall transfer review process as we are able to.  Have a great weekend!

Go Dawgs!