Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Year Update

We are now a couple of days past the First Year application deadline, so here are a few updates on where we are in the process.  Over the few days leading up to the deadline we had about 3,000 applications submitted.  We must check all of the newly submitted applications against our holding file.  If a document is submitted and we do not have an application to match, that document is added to the holding file.  As you can imagine, with 3,000 new applications in the past few days this process is taking much longer than it typically would.  In addition, we are receiving thousands of documents through the mail, GA College 411, Docufide, our online teacher and counselor portal, etc.  What does this mean?  We need time to be able to match these documents with applications, so please be patient.

It generally takes 5 to 10 business days to match a document with an application.  Items submitted using our online forms will typically be matched with an application faster, however this is not an instantaneous process.  Even evaluations and recommendations submitted through our online portal will take a few business days to show up on your myStatus.  The best thing to do right now is be patient.  If a document is not showing as received and it was sent more than 10 business days ago (and you did not apply right at the deadline), double-check to make sure it was sent before contacting us.  We do not have updates at this time on when we will be done matching documents but will post that information when it is available.

Go Dawgs!

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