Monday, May 7, 2012

Wait List Update

I am happy to announce that we will begin making a limited number of offers from the wait list for the Fall 2012 term starting later today! Over 700 students have requested to stay on the Wait List (out of about 1,100 offered the option), and we will only be able to offer admission to a limited number of these students. I do not have exact details about who are how many students we will be able to admit off the wait list, though, so please be patient as we move forward with this process. Just so you know, here are a few quotes from the Wait List FAQ:

  • The waiting list is not numbered or ranked.  Around May 15 we will know how many spaces (if any) will be left in the Class of 2016.  If we go to the waiting list, we will review all the applications of those students who have reserved a place on the waiting list via the Web site to select the most qualified students and determine the order in which offers of admission will be made. Our selections will be made in an attempt to round out the class with regard to all the academic and personal talents and qualities we have reviewed.
  • We will attempt to phone all students who are to be accepted off the waiting list; and if a student is still interested, we will send an acceptance letter.

Please do not call or email our office to see if you are going to be admitted off the Wait List, as we will be initiating the contact for offering admission from this group. As you can see, we are a little bit ahead of the timeline we expected (5/7 vs 5/15), and we will try to communicate by phone first, and then voice mail and email if we are not able to reach a person. After we communicate with the student or family, the student has the option of accepting the offer or not, and if admitted, they then have time to then make a decision about enrolling at UGA and sending in a deposit. As such, it is not always a quick process, but we will try our best to move forward as rapidly as possible.

Go Dawgs!


  1. As a wait listed student myself, when is the latest that students will be notified?

  2. How low does your GPA have to be for UGA to retract your admission?