Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fall Transfer Updates

Here is a quick update for Fall transfer applicants, as the deadline is approaching. At this time, we are moving along at a steady clip in reviewing files, and over 600 decisions have already gone out (as compared to last year on April 1 when about 200 fall decisions had been made). Because of the freshman decisions coming out on 3/30, we had to stop the importing of all applications into our system starting last weekend. Any applications that have been submitted are fine, and are just in a holding pattern waiting for us to import them into our system, which we will do on Monday, 4/2/2012. So do not panic if you applied this week and your application is not showing up on the myStatus page this weekend. Just be patient, and by about mid-late next week, we will have all the applications imported into the system and transcripts matched up. But again, do not panic, just give us time to work on them next week.

The 4/1 application deadline is for all materials as well, but it is a postmarked deadline, and we generally give an allowance of about 10 business days for documents to come in. So you do not need to email, call, or drive to Athens to hand us documents. Just make sure that transcripts from ALL colleges ever attended have been sent in to UGA (and if it has a different name on a transcript, send us a note about this).

Please understand that next week will be a madhouse of emails and phone calls surrounding the freshman decisions, so I suggest holding off your questions until later next week.

Go Dawgs!

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  1. If a dual enrollment student earned 30 credit hours at a college during their senior year, would they be eligible to transfer to uga for the spring 2013 semester from whatever college they attended as long as they had all the credits by the september deadline?