Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Essay examples, 2012

While we are still in full swing reading freshman files, I thought I would share a few essay examples from this year that I think are impressive. Please understand that while some people believe that great essays should have as many impressive words as possible, or flow like a poem cascading through the mind (okay I am overdoing it a little), UGA believes that a person's voice, insight into the applicant, and an ability to share thoughts and emotions are key. As such, here are a few examples (with the author's approval):

Throughout my life with Sickle Cell Anemia I have always been told to pursue my dreams. My mother would tell me "You have Sickle Cell; Sickle Cell does not have you." This confused me because I did not understand what she meant. This disease seemed to take control over my body and prevent me from taking care of daily tasks like taking deep breaths without having a crushing pain sink into my chest. But as days pass I regain my strength and begin to take control of my body, conquering Sickle Cell Anemia with each hospital visit. Even though having Sickle Cell Anemia is difficult to undertake, there is one thing that has shaped the person I am today. That is the power to not see my disease as a crutch. As I have grown I have realized that I do not want to be seen as a person that is inferior to others. I want to accomplish any goal that I set my mind to regardless of my disease. I now understand the quote that my mother has always told me. My strength and dedication has enabled me to accomplish anything I set my mind to.  - Haleigh L.

A Scout is prepared. I had forgotten that particular maxim tonight, which I begun to regret long before the first bit of whipped cream, sprayed on a paper plate in lieu of a pie, landed squarely in my hair. Tonight I was fulfilling my duty as Den Chief of a local Cub Scout pack. Normally, I'd be mentoring the group of fifth graders, helping them connect the leaders' words and instructions to reality as they saw it. Not tonight. As a reward for record-high fund raising, the only thing they were interested in was smearing whipped cream through my hair. I was the most unprotected target other leaders brought goggles, towels and ponchos. In a thin borrowed poncho, I grimaced every time whipped cream slid under it, onto my precious uniform. When at last the supplies were exhausted, and I'd removed as much cream from my hair as was possible with a nearby garden hose, I realized I'd gotten lucky. There were many more dire situations to be unprepared for in scouts - broken tents, torrential rains, snakebites,etc. Another lesson to teach my scouts. But I was still going to need a very long shower.  - Tyler P.

I was born in the midst of warfare and genocide, in the troubled nation of Bosnia. The ethnic cleansing campaign conducted by the Serbian troops included unlawful confinement, murder, rape, sexual assault, torture, beating, robbery and inhumane treatment of civilians. Our only crime was believing in the faith of Islam. My brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors and countrymen all lost their lives because of one nation's greed and personal hatred. My family and I witnessed that horror, which is still fresh in my memory. At times I still have nightmares from when a bomb from a warplane hit the side of my house. It caused the foundation to shake as if it was a category 10 earthquake. At that point in time I thought our lives would cease and our time on earth was over. Such memories will never be forgotten. To this very day, I feel blessed and humbled that I am still alive, knowing that god is watching over me and my family. Moreover, adversity and misfortune will occur regardless of your identity or ethnic background. Yet, in time, blessings are bound to come knocking. My past has only motivated me to produce a brighter tomorrow. UGA is my gateway towards success. - Edin I.

As you can see, the reader knows a great deal more about each applicant after these essays. Good job, and Go Dawgs!!

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