Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Transfer Update, 3/2/2012

While yesterday was the Summer Transfer deadline, and we will still be receiving materials for this group for the next week or two, we have now also started to review Fall Transfer files. We will be shifting back and forth between Summer and Fall transfer applicants as materials come in, and we will be starting with the Fall Transfer applicants who completed their files first, and moving forward from there. As I stated in the previous transfer update post, I cannot guess if you will be admitted, when you will hear a decision, what will transfer that is not included in the Transfer Equivalency database, etc.

So for right now, just be patient as we review transfer files, and we will make decisions day by day for transfers, with the decisions showing up on the myStatus page (updated in the early AM every business day) and in letters mailed to the applicants.

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