Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/2012 Update on Transfers

Here is a quick update on the Transfer Applicants for Summer and Fall of 2012. Please remember that the Summer deadline is still a week away, and the Fall deadline is still over a month away, so all numbers are based only on today's date.

So far, about 450 students have applied as Summer 2012 transfers. At this time, we have reviewed and made decisions on about half of the  files. There are also a small number of applicants who are incomplete (my estimate is about 100), so we hope to have a majority of the Summer transfer decisions out within the next few weeks. Please remember that there will be some files that are more difficult and will take more time, that more people will apply over the next week, which could shift timelines, etc. Please be patient.

At this time, roughly 1500 applications have been submitted for Fall 2012 transfer admission. We will not begin the review of these files until we have completed the summer files, although there will be some overlap as we get into the final summer files and documents are being sent in at the last minute for summer applicants. I do not have any better date of when we will begin reviewing fall transfers than this, so please be patient. Last year, we had about 2,500 fall transfer applicants, and in 2010 we had just under 3,000, so I do not want to guess about how many we might receive overall for 2012.

With that stated, here are things not to ask:
  • When will I hear back on a transfer decision? 
  • Where is your office as far as the date being reviewed?
  • I have X GPA and Y hours. Will I be admitted?
  • Will X course transfer in (see the Transfer Equiv)?
  • Does UGA like me, check yes or no?
  • Do I have to send in all my transcripts from all colleges attended?
  • Does the 4/1 deadline really apply for all fall applications and transcripts?

I hope this helps, and Go Dawgs!

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  1. If I applied for Summer and sent in my transcripts over a month ago in mid January and they still aren't showing up as received what should I do?