Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missing First-Year Documents

Our office is at the point where we have caught up with the mail, the electronic documents, and the checking of our holding files for other matching materials. Over the next week or so, we will continue to match up materials that have just come in with freshman files, as well as do a thorough review of our holding files to make sure we did not miss any items that came in prior to the application being submitted, or that has a slightly different name then the one we have (hyphenated names, Jim instead of James, etc.). We will also continue to take in test scores until the January 28 SAT results are sent to us. Remember, all SAT/ACT scores MUST be sent to UGA electronically by the testing agency, as we do not take them from a paper copy, a transcript or any other document.

While saying this, I would suggest that if you are missing any required items for your application, you need to have them sent to us ASAP. This includes the application fee, SAT/ACT (with writing) scores, HS transcripts, school evaluations, and teacher recommendations. The online school evaluation and teacher recommendation forms are still open, and will be open for about 1 more week. In addition, if your teacher believes they have submitted an online teacher recommendation more than a few days ago, and it is still not showing, we suggest they mail in a recommendation letter, as some HS email systems have firewall issues with some forms.

In addition, if you submitted a GA411 transcript and it is not showing up in our system, just request a new one, as maybe 1% of these transcripts have an issue at times in downloading. We do not control the GA411 site, but we try our best to make it work (I just found about 30 transcripts from the same date , 1/9 , that had an issue downloading from GA411 and imported them one by one).

We know that applicants cannot always control school documents and when they are sent, so this is why we give some leeway to these items in relationship to our deadlines. But at a certain point, we need to move forward with the applicants who have completed their files, so make sure to take care of any missing items now if you have not already.

Oh, and by the way, do NOT fax any official documents, as they will be shredded.

Go Dawgs!

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