Monday, December 12, 2011

December Admissions Reminders

As we get further into December, here are a few reminders concerning UGA Admissions:
  1. Please, please, please do not wait until the last minute to send in your application and materials! Please!
  2. We have about 13,500 students who have applied so far, so I expect we will receive about 5,000 more applications. If you are one of those that is waiting to send it in until the last minute, know that life gets hectic around deadline time, so be prepared to wait as we sort through all of the materials and match up documents.
  3. Remember that our office will not be open from 12/26 through 1/2, so any information sent in during that time will not be matched up until we return and have a chance to start working again. In addition, we will have about 1,000 students starting in the Spring term that week, so we will have to focus on their needs as well.
  4. Do not wait to send in your SAT/ACT scores until after you apply, as you might forget to send them! If we do not have official SAT/ACT (with Writing) scores in, we cannot move forward with your file.
  5. Please remember that it takes time to match up items with your application, so do not contact us a day or two after you have applied wondering why your transcript is not showing up on your myStatus page. 
  6. Remember, we hate faxes!! The shredder is next to the fax (we do send and receive some faxes that are not official documents), and we will shred any transcript, recommendation letter, etc. that is sent for a student.
  7. January 15 is the Regular Decision deadline, but if it falls on a weekend or holiday, we extend the deadline to the next business day, so January 17 is the accurate deadline this year. Please do not see this as a chance to wait two more days though, as deadlines you should shoot to get things in before a deadline, not on a deadline.
  8. Deadlines are for the application and all other documents as well! The only two exceptions are February 1 for Fall grades, and we will take in any SAT/ACT that is taken in January (but you need to request the scores to be sent to UGA when you take the exam).
  9. Make sure your teachers know your real name, as I had to match up a recommendation yesterday where the name on the letter was not the name on the application. I cannot guess that the name on the materials refers to your middle name or nickname.
  10. If you are deferred, do not (I repeat DO NOT) fill out an entirely new application. Just complete part II and have a teacher recommendation sent in.
  11. We want to see your Fall grades, so make sure you either include them in your update section of part II, enter them in your self-reported grades if you know the final grades for the term, or have an updated transcript sent in to our office.
  12. Good luck during finals for the fall term, and have a great holiday season!

Go Dawgs!

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