Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Half-Baked Reactions, 2012 Edition

Last year, I wrote a post shortly after the EA decisions were released, and I thought it would be a good post to revamp and have out prior to the 2012 EA decisions going out. Here it is:

Last night, my son wanted his favorite meal for dinner, fettucini alfredo with chicken. We pulled together to boil the noodles, cook the chicken and blend the sauce, along with making a salad, garlic bread and dessert. We had to put some time and effort into it, making sure not to burn anything while having every part come together to be ready at the same time. We were finally able to sit down together for a meal that everyone had a part in, and it was great.

When we judged how good the food was, we based it on the finished product. We did not taste the pasta after only four minutes of boiling and decide to throw it out. In addition, we did not look at the chicken half way through cooking and throw it out because it was still pink inside. We based our decision on how the meal was after was all prepared and sitting on the table.

In the same way, UGA will not be done with the entire freshman admission decisions after we make our Early Action decisions. We will be done with the Early Action part of the process, but we are still a long way from being done with final decisions! We will still be receiving a large number of RD applications, deferred EA students will be completing their part II sections, we will be reviewing transcripts, reading essays, doing holistic reviews, etc. So if you are deferred, please know that we still have a lot of admission decisions to make! My rough estimate based on prior years is that will still be admitting 4,000+ more freshmen after EA decisions. As well, please know that UGA will be treating deferred EA and RD applicants the same during the next steps of the process. The rumor always hits that deferred applicants will now be "put at the back of the line behind RD applicants", so let me just cut that off now and let you know that is incorrect. Again, in the next stages of the admission process, we will look at deferred EA (who get in part II and a teacher rec!) and RD applicants in the same way.

So please do not judge the UGA admission decisions half way through the process based only on EA decisions. Right now, UGA is still in that middle period of the cooking process, and the overall meal is still not fully done. It will not be until late March when final decisions are made that we can look at the overall class and see what it is like. Again, please be patient and know that there is still a lot to be done in the admissions review process.

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