Friday, September 9, 2011

Admissions Office Update

For the past two days, the UGA Admissions Office (along with the Registrar and Financial Aid) has been going through a software upgrade for our Imaging System.We expect to be up and running on either Monday or Tuesday, but please be patient as we go through this upgrade. During this process, we are not able to review files, move materials (transcripts, school evaluations, etc.) into student files, or check on certain items. When we are back up and running, we will jump in to quickly match materials to freshman files, and to continue the review of Spring transfer applicants. No time is a good time to have an update, but we felt that this was the best time over as a whole considering deadlines and decision release dates.

I will try to keep you updated in the early part of the week, but please be patient with our office in matching up documents and in making transfer decisions.

Go Dawgs!

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