Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Admission Thoughts - April Edition

April in Admissions is in some respects a very busy/hectic time, but it is also a much more peaceful time in some areas of the office. Our office has a number of student programs over the next two weeks, both on campus and all over the country, we are working with graduating HS seniors and rising HS seniors, and we right in the middle of the Fall transfer season. But at the same time, we are waiting to see how deposits are coming in and monitoring them daily, making plans for next year both for travel and the application process, and waiting for the end of the school year for both transfers and freshmen so we can start receiving final transcripts (and then dig ourselves out of the stack). So, while we are in the middle of things, I thought I would share a few random bits of information from UGA admissions. Please feel free to ask me any questions, but remember to first do a search using the search tool in the upper right hand corner, or by using the labels option on the bottom right.

  • While we have made almost 1,000 Fall transfer decisions, we still have about 1,100 more to go (I always expect about 400 or so applicants to be incomplete, so that makes up our 2,500 Fall transfer applicants).
  • At this point in time, UGA has about 40,000 rising seniors in our recruitment database, and we have and will be sending out brochures, emails and cards to students throughout the next year. As I have said before, the only way for UGA to know about you is many times is for you to first communicate with us, either through visiting campus, sending us an SAT/ACT score, attending a college fair, etc. We cannot communicate with you if we do not know who you are.
  • I want to say a big thank you to the Fagin family, who made a wonderful contribution in my honor to UGA. I have never met the Fagin family or contacted them specifically, but I am guessing that this blog has helped them in the admissions process as it was mentioned in the note. Thanks!!
  • There have been a number of amazing students in this class, from what they have accomplished, what they have overcome, and how hard they have worked. Congratulations to all the admitted students, and we look forward to seeing you on campus.
  • Transfer applicants, please do not call and ask "When am I going to hear a decision?" The people on the phones (or the ones who answer the emails) can't answer this question any more than I can, and I am giving you the best information possible.
  • If anyone knows Mark Sanders, senior from Athens, GA, tell him I think he should go to UGA. Go Dawgs!
  • The Boston Red Sox are killing me this year. Still a fan, but they are killing me!
  • Freshman and transfers, remember to keep your grades up during the last month or so of classes and final exams.
  • Rising juniors and seniors, remember that reading is one of the best ways to get ready for the SAT, college classes, and life! Right now, my son (rising HS freshman!) is reading The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, a great book that I highly recommend.
  • We will not know about wait-list options until a week or more after the May 1 deposit date, so please be patient with this process.
  • Good luck to all the high school seniors graduating over the next two months, and I hope you have been able to find a great match during your college search!

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