Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's say you have two applicants...

During the course of a year, every admissions office is bombarded with a number of similar questions, with one being the most prevalent and challenging, and it always starts with "Let's say you have two applicants ...". There are six of the most difficult words to work with for any admissions counselor! GPA's, test scores, and activities are then speculated upon, with a desire that the admissions officer can magically say who would be admitted first. But now, it is your turn to hear these six words and review two applications! First, the rules:
  1. Both of the "applicants" are fictional characters who in no way are based on actual people (sounds like Law and Order, doesn't it).
  2. As this focus is on first-year applicants, only current or future first-year applicants or their parents should respond.
  3. For this exercise, you will not be determining who should be admitted, but which applicant you think is stronger overall for UGA. I have no idea if both, one or neither of the applicants would be admitted, so let's just focus on who you think is a stronger applicant. Both of these are strong applicants!!
  4. Put yourselves in UGA's shoes, with a review of the whole student (not Early Action), and on what UGA looks at in an admission file.
  5. Have fun, be nice, and I hope this works out well!
Applicant I

  • Georgia Resident, Male
  • International Affairs major
  • 5 AP courses (AP Psych, AP US Hist., AP Eur. Hist, AP Lang., AP Human Geography), multiple Honors courses
  • 3.64 GPA as calculated by UGA
  • SAT: 650 CR, 720 M, 530 W
  • Strong Essays, very organized and crisp
  • Involved in six clubs (Two for 4 years, two for 2 years, one - cooking club- he founded senior year), leadership roles in 2 clubs
  • Plays two sports (one fresh/sophomore years, one four years, captain senior year)
  • Wonderful, glowing recommendations
  • Mother and Father are alumni
  • 2 awards (college book award and one most spirited)

Applicant II

  • Out-of-State Resident, Female
  • Undecided major
  • 3 AP courses (AP Chem, AP Spanish, AP Calculus), numerous Honors courses, 2 dual enrollment English classes senior year at local research University
  • 3.83 GPA as calculated by UGA
  • SAT: 550 CR, 560 M, 540 W - ACT: 29 Composite, 30 Engl, 29 Math, 28 Read, 29 Sci, 28 Engl/Writing
  • Strong essays, very personal and insightful
  • Involved in 3 clubs (all for four years, Editor in one, VP in another)
  • Plays one sport (Varsity for 4 years, Captain twice)
  • Volunteers at local library
  • Wonderful, glowing recommendations
  • 1 award (most determined)
Some of the items I have listed are important, while others have no impact on a decision. I will monitor any responses and give you my opinion at a later date. Please respond by saying which applicant you believe to be stronger and why.
         *no applicants were injured in the making of this simulation.

Go Dawgs!

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