Friday, March 25, 2011

Decision Day 2011

Yes, today is the day that final decisions are available to freshman applicants. My estimation is that the myStatus page will be open sometime around 4:30 pm EST today, but I will be out of the office this afternoon and will not be able to post the usual announcement right after it goes live. I will also not be available for most the evening to reply to any comments/questions, so be patient. Here are a few quick notes about today:

  • Please do no have everyone in your family try to log onto the site. It will only slow down our servers, so I suggest that just you, the student, log in. You can then share this information after you see it.
  • I do not have any statistics for the admitted or wait-listed group, but I will post them early next week (most likely just the mid 50% ranges). Please do not post any of your statistics on this blog, as that is not what this is site is about, and there are other places to do this (and many personal stats are not quite how we see them, ie. GPA's, balance of test scores, etc.).
  • I will put up three  posts this afternoon, one for each of the three decision possibilities, with details about each decision and some links to FAQ's. Please read everything about a decision before commenting.
  • Please remember that both the other students and the admissions counselors in my office are actual people, and treat them with respect. Before hitting submit on a comment, make sure you actually want to post it.
  • No matter what the decision, know that there a a number of college options, and UGA is just one of them. 
  • After decisions are out, the next steps are up to you, from depositing at a school, signing up for housing, etc. Make sure you take care of everything post-decision!
  • Go Dawgs!

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