Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Freshman Wait-list Applicants

Later today, we will be making decisions available to students.

For those of you who have been wait-listed by UGA, here is a post for you and a chance to comment. Please remember that this is not a blog where you should post statistics, throw fellow classmates under the bus, etc. These types of comments will be deleted. As well, I will be away from a computer on Friday evening (at a wedding), so be patient as I may not be able to respond until the weekend.

Every year, our office has to predict approximately how many students we can admit in order to enroll our freshman class, but we can never be sure how many students will enroll until after the May 1 deposit deadline has passed. If the number of students who say they will be attending UGA is lower than we expect, we may need to go to our wait-list group in order to get the size that we want for our freshman class. Every year, we have about 1,000 students on the wait-list, and we carefully monitor the deposits coming into the University to see where we are in comparison to the predicted freshman numbers.

The Wait-List FAQ can answer some questions, but the most important thing you need to do is decide if you want to remain on the wait-list. Follow the instructions on the status check and/or the wait-list letter we mailed out, and let us know if you want to stay on the wait-list or if you want to decline this option and go forward with admission at another college. If you decide to stay on the wait-list, you still want to move forward with an alternate college plan, as we will not know about any wait-list options until May. If you select to stay on the wait-list, we then know you still want to attend UGA if an opportunity opens up.

This year, there are three options for the wait-list reply; You can say no, please do not consider me for the wait-list. The next option is to remain on the wait-list, but only if it is for the Fall term. The third option is to remain on the wait-list and be considered for both Fall and Spring term. This is so that if there is space available for the Fall term, we will look at all of the students who have asked to remain on the wait-list, but the only space available is Spring term, we will then work with only the students who said Fall or Spring.

We will not know details about the wait-list until May, so please be patient with our office, and read the FAQ before asking questions, as it can give you a great deal of information.

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