Friday, February 11, 2011

Summer/Fall Transfer Decisions

Our evaluation team is finally at the end of checking high school transcripts (no, this does not mean we are done with freshman reviews, only the HS transcript reviews), so starting next week, we will be able to begin the transfer review process. We will begin with the Summer transfer applicants, and we will then shift to the Fall transfers when we complete summer. Right now, about 400 students have applied for Summer transfer admission, and a large number of those still need to send us transcripts, so make sure all of your material is sent to us, and let us know if a transcript is under a different name.

The review of transfer files is not a quick process, as we must determine if the applicant meets or exceeds the GPA consideration level for admission (30-59 transferable sem. hours needs a 3.20 or higher, 60+  transferable sem. hours needs a 2.80 or higher), and if admissible, we must then map out the equivalent UGA coursework for the classes that transfer into UGA. It can be as fast as 30 minutes for a file, or as slow as 10 hours, depending on how many courses, if we have seen these courses before, etc.

My rough estimation is that we will be able to do about 30-50 decisions a day, but it also will vary depending on what else appears on our plates. Decisions will go out daily by mail and on the myStatus page, and I ask that you be patient, make sure that all transcripts from all colleges attended, even dual enrollment work, are in your file and updated. By updated, I mean that if you sent us a transcript from X college in November, then completed Fall courses at X college in December, you need to send us another transcript showing this work, and the date will change on the myStatus page.

Go Dawgs!

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