Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Decisions

In the late afternoon of Friday, February 18, we will be releasing the February wave of admission offers (please do not ask me what late afternoon is, as I put it as late afternoon instead of a specific time for a reason). As I stated in an earlier post, these admits, who are primarily Regular Decision (RD) applicants, are students who meet the criteria that UGA admissions used for Early Action (EA) admits. Just to stop any questions, there are no set "EA critieria levels", as it is a review of the combination of grades, rigor and test scores, so please do not ask what EA SAT/ACT, GPA or rigor criteria is. There will be a few EA deferred students who are admitted in this round, mostly because of an increase in their academic standing (new test scores) or if we needed to re-review their other academic information due to another issue (change in course schedule, issue with a transcript and self-reported grades, etc.)

Whenever we release these February decisions, we always get questions, ranging from "Why didn't I hear" to "Does this mean that more decisions will roll out through the month of March" and so on. The next group of decisions after this round will be in late March, and this will be the remaining freshman decisions. From now until late March, our office will be reading, and reading, and reading more files. Please do not contact us and see if you can get your decision earlier, whether due to a vacation, another college's schedule, a birthday gift for an applicant, etc., as we need to review all of the files before making final decisions.

Roughly 1,800 students will receive an offer of admission in this round (we only do admits during this round), but we have a large number of students that we will be admitting in March as well. Based on planning and projections for next year, UGA will slightly increasing the size of the freshman class slightly, so we will be admitting more students that last year as a whole. As in previous years, we will also be enrolling about 200 freshmen for the following Spring term. I do  not have any specifics about this group (GPA, SAT, ACT mid-ranges), but they should be somewhat similar to the EA admitted group.

I hope this answers a fair amount of your questions, congratulations to the newly admitted freshmen, and Go Dawgs!

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