Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 File Reading

While this is our "Quiet Time" in the office, with our counselors tied to their desks (figuratively, not literally), I thought you might appreciate a little insight into some interesting things we are seeing in the applicants we are reviewing:
  • One applicant is studying for a year in Germany as a part of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange
  • A GA sports stacking champion, who also holds a Guinness World record for team sports stacking
  • A wonderful mix of Girl Scouts (many gold awards!) and Boy Scouts (a number of Eagles!)
  • Founding member and judge of an extreme scootering club
  • Numerous study abroad trips to Europe, Asia, South and Central America on exchange programs
  • Miss Teen Kansas 2010
  • An amazing number of musicians, from marching bands to jazz bands, orchestras to personal bands
  • Job as assistant Pit Boss for the Atlanta Plaza Theatre Rocky Horror Picture Show showings
  • Several members of Quidditch clubs (I know there is a great match each year in Gwinnett County)
  •  One student who took two years off to play international junior hockey
  • A number of perfect attendance records throughout high school (and I am guessing a few K-12)
  • A huge group of 2 and 3 sport athletes, with a few 4 sport athletes thrown in as well.
  • Favorite Female Member of the Black Eyed Peas Fan Club
  • An applicant who can solve the Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds (2 minutes if using just one hand)
  • Head Lumberjack of the Lumberjack Club ("and as Head Lumberjack, I make the pancakes!") 
As you can guess, these are just a few of the unique things we have seen so far from our applicant pool, and these are not the norm for most of our applicants, although most of our applicants are very active in their schools and communities. Please remember that just like everything else, there is no specific "weight" that is given for activities (or essays, recommendations, etc.), as we are looking at each applicant in this group as a whole. As well, just because we mention some activity, it does not mean that this drives an admission decision, only that these are some of the interesting/creative things that make up a part of the 2011 freshman applicant pool.

Go Dawgs!

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