Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Test Scores and Early Action

As of today, we have 10,621 Early Action applicants, and just under 2,300 of them are still missing SAT/ACT (with writing) test scores. What this is telling me is that a number of you have waited to send in your test scores for the October SAT/ACT exams, even though UGA uses only the strongest subscores. But good news, as the College Board's website states that the October SAT results will be sent to the colleges on Friday, October 29. As such, I expect that we will be loading these scores into our system on either Friday (depending on the time we get the scores) or Monday. While you may be able to view your scores online on the College Board website on Thursday, please be patient with colleges as we load them into our systems.

As for the October ACT, I do not have an exact date for receiving these scores, as their website does not give reporting dates, and they give variations of 3-6 weeks after the test for scores to be received by colleges. The ACT has been getting better about sending us the scores in a timely fashion, so I hope that we will have the scores by mid-November, but we will just have to wait and see.

Please remember to keep up with your myStatus page to make sure that all your information is in to UGA, and I will keep you updated about the timeline for Early Action as we get closer to the decision date.

Go Dawgs!


  1. Just curious,
    Do you guys calculate the ACT English and Math sections (similar to the SAT sections) to the SAT scale? because I am aware that Georgia Tech does this, and I am curious if UGA does the same?

    And what were the GPA and ACT/SAT score of the students that were admitted early last year?

    Thank you for this awesome blog D.Graves! Go dawgs!

  2. Curious Parent: When UGA looks at test scores, we take either the SAT or the ACT, and we look at all sections, but with particular focus on the SAT CR, Math, and Writing or the comparative ACT English, Math and English/Writing ones. For one part of the review, we do translate the three ACT sections to a comparative SAT range, but UGA does not mix together SAT and ACT subsections like GA Tech. If you take the SAT multiple times, we take the highest subscores to make the best total score. In the same way, if you take the ACT multiple times, we take the highest subsections of all the ACT scores which then are used for the highest composite.

    As for a view of the admitted and enrolled students for 2010, visit I do not have an exact breakdown of Early Action numbers from last year, but you can do a search of my Early Action posts for more details of the applicant pool from 2010.

  3. I was wondering if you could please elaborate on the "parts of the review," as I am not fully aware of the review process.
    Also, some UGA admissions counselors whom I have had the chance to talk to have said that they predict decisions to be released earlier this year. Any truth in this statement?
    Thank you!

  4. Margeaux: When we look at an applicant, we look at a variety of things depending on if it is an Early Action or Deferred/Regular Decision process. So in the EA process, a part of the review would look at your grades, a part would look at your overall rigor of coursework, a part would be on standardized test scores, and in some limited cases, we might focus on conduct issues or a serious low grade issue (D/F grades).

    As I have said before, we hope to have an earlier EA decision date, but it is not set yet. When it is, I will let everyone know.

  5. So are you saying then that a discipline problem might not prevent an EA acceptance????

  6. Just Wondering: That is correct, a discipline problem may or may not prevent an EA acceptance, depending on the issue, the response of the student, when it happened, etc.

  7. Mr. Graves, I really appreciate your fast and helpful responses. Thank you!

  8. Hello UGA,

    I applied Early Action back in September and my SAT and ACT scores are significantly higher than the self-reported scores on my application. I requested to send both the official score reports to UGA. However, I only see on this blog that you have received the October SAT scores, and not necessarily the new ACT scores for applicants.

    Will a disparity between my self-reported scores and the official score reports negatively affect me? I want to appear in the strongest light possible, and I want UGA to consider these new, higher scores.

    Thank you,
    A Hopeful Applicant

  9. Hopeful Applicant: Do not worry about the test scores you wrote on the application, as this just gives us an idea of what to expect, but we only use official scores. This will not impact you in any way.