Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shout out to High School Counselors!

Over the last 3 years, our office has made it so that high school counselors and teachers can submit their evaluation/recommendation forms online. As you would probably guess, it started off slow the first year, but it has been gaining traction ever since, with great growth this year! Having these forms come into our office online helps in matching up the materials to the students (it happens overnight in a large batch job), eliminates the delay of the mail, means fewer issues with illegible writing, and lessens the items we must open, scan and match up with applicants. In addition, it allows schools to save general academic information for the school in the UGA database (and not write it out again and again), cuts down on postage, and lessens the phone calls from panicked families. So far this year, we have received over 10,000 online school evaluations (this includes Early Action and Regular Decision applicants, along with a few who have not applied yet but the form is in)! If you get a chance and your counselor (or teacher) did their recommendation online, give them a big thank you from UGA. Here is a list of the top 15 high schools based upon the number of online school evaluations submitted.

  1. Northview HS - 246
  2. Milton HS - 166
  3. G. Walton Comp. HS - 148
  4. Brookwood HS - 141
  5. Alpharetta HS - 135
  6. Collins Hill HS - 121
  7. Roswell HS - 110
  8. Chattahoochee HS - 109
  9. Lassiter HS - 107
  10. The Westminster Schools - 104
  11. Alan C. Pope HS - 96
  12. Peachtree Ridge HS - 94
  13. North Gwinnett HS - 94
  14. Starr's Mill HS - 92
  15. Marist School - 84
Just so you know, there are already 50 schools with 40 or more online school evaluations! Way to go high school counselors!!!


  1. Just a quick update about the Oct. SAT scores; UGA received over 7,000 SAT scores in a download late this afternoon (Thursday, Oct. 28), so we will be pushing them into our system either this evening or early tomorrow. We will then update our system to show the newly downloaded scores sometime mid-morning on Friday.

  2. WOW my high school would be #1... So if my high school has the highest number of students that applied early, does that lessen a student's chance for early admission from that particular school?

  3. Anon: As I have said before in this blog, and as I was quoted from this blog last Thursday in the Red and Black student newspaper, UGA does not limit admission offers based upon the high school you attend, the county you live in, your zip code, etc. We focus on what you are like as an individual student and person, and consider that in comparison to the applicant pool as a whole. I suggest you review, as this is the first UGA Admissions Urban Legend we talk about.

  4. I know West Hall High counselors sent in their evaluations on-line. Not sure how many applied Early Decision, but I do believe they are on-board with the "on-line" evaluations!

  5. Anon: I am glad to hear that West Hall is doing this, as it really helps everyone. Please tell them thanks from UGA!

  6. Just out of curiosity, how many teacher/counselor reccomendations were sent from Greenbrier High in Evans, GA? I'd love to know how many other people applied.

  7. HopefulFutureDawg: I am not able to view how many people have applied from your school right now, and I do not want this to get into me listing out how many students have applied from every school, so I would suggest asking your counselors at Greenbrier. Remember, the biggest myth that I always hear is that UGA admits only a certain number of students from X school, county or zip code, which is clearly false. We look at you as an individual and them compare you to the applicant pool as a whole when making decisions.

  8. Hi, I have a question. My friend attends Marist, and she told me that a UGA counselor came to her school and told her that as a result of students self reporting their grades, UGA will be sending out letters of admissions in around three weeks. Is this true? Or is this just another crazy rumor? Thanks so much for the help!

    Hope to be at Georgia next fall :D

  9. Anon: I am guessing the UGA counselor said that we would be releasing EA decisions earlier this year, and gave a rough estimate, but it will not be before Thanksgiving. I expect that it will be earlier than mid-December, and when I know an exact date, I will post it on the blog.

  10. Hi,
    So I am confused about the whole teacher recs and counselor evaluation thing, are those sent out to my teachers online only after I submit my application? Or do I print out copies and give them to my teachers and counselors to mail in?

  11. Anon: I suggest that after you apply, you direct your counselor to the online counselor form. As for a teacher rec, it is easy for them to submit either online or with a mailed in letter.

  12. So should I submit one or two teacher recs?

  13. Anon: We suggest one, but if you feel the need, you can submit two.

  14. I am confused as well. I am applying and I don't see a teacher or counselor section.

  15. Anon: When you go to the application online, and come to the Step One page with dates and deadlines, it states under the Jan. 15 deadline:

    "Postmark deadline for Regular Decision and Advanced Enrollment (Summer/Fall) applicants
    Completed application (Parts I and II) and non-refundable $60.00 processing fee, Counselor/School Evaluation form with official high school transcript, official SAT I and/or ACT scores, and teacher recommendation form must be submitted no later than today. To avoid delays in processing, we recommend that applicants submit all paper documents in the same envelope if possible."

    Later, after you have submitted the application, you are directed as to what to do, and your status check also indicates that the School/Counselor Evaluation form is needed, and if applying for Reg. Decision, that a teacher rec is needed. If you need a printed version of the forms, you can also go to .

  16. My counselor said my name is not showing up on the evaluation thing when she's trying to do the evaluation. do I have to wait to submit my app before she can do that? And is it the same for my teacher? I would just send her a link to the website to do the recommendation? Sorry for the long question :)

  17. km2011; A student's name will show up on the counselor status check after they apply, but the counselor can still submit an evaluation form without your name showing up on the school's list. The teacher will not have a list, so they just fill out the recommendation form at the link we give you.