Friday, October 15, 2010

Deadline Day is Here!

Yes, today is the deadline for Early Action Freshman applicants, and that means a huge volume of applications, mail, phone calls, and emails will be generated surrounding this date. As I have said before, do not panic is something is not showing up on your myStatus page yet, as we have thousands of documents that come in right at the deadline. Please give us time to open the mail, scan the documents in, and match them up with your file. As well, please remember that our office is closed on the weekend, so if you send something to us on a Thursday, do not expect it to be in on Monday just because it has been 5 days. Please allow for time for items to go from your school or home, through the postal service, and into our office.

As for test scores, be patient as well, as there is not an instantaneous download once you request the scores to be sent to UGA. Give the testing agency time to send them to us, and then give us time to download them into our system. Patience is key during this time of year for everyone.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.  ~St. Augustine

Go Dawgs (no, St. Augustine did not say this)!


  1. I took the SAT in Dec 2009 and May 2010 and requested for the scores to be sent to
    UGA both times. The College Board website says the scores were sent, but the myStatus page on the UGA website says it doesn't have my test scores. What should I do?

  2. it took about a week and a half for UGA to get mine.

  3. Erin D: I would suggest you first review your score report, and see if your full name, SSN and birthdate all match with your application. If not, email and tell them to try and match up the scores and the UGA system might be having trouble matching them in the normal way. This is only if the scores were sent several weeks ago or more, though, so not if they were just sent.

  4. Does UGA consider AP scores in the admission process. I know not everyone would have sent it, but if UGA has an applicants file, could they look at the AP scores and consider it for the admission process in Early action.

  5. Just a question - in an earlier post, you mentioned the writing score for ACT would be the combined english/writing score which is on a 36 point basis. The ACT writing score is on a scale of 1 to 12 --- my test scores on My Status page was the 1 to 12 scale. Should I notify the Admissions Office to have this converted to the 36 point scale?

  6. Chris P: We do not look at the AP scores during the Early Action period, but if the applicant is deferred and goes into our reading process, it will be a part of the review.

    Anon: No, you do not need to indicate this information, as we are just giving you an indication that your ACT Writing is here, and what the score is, but we do not have enough room to show everything about every score. Therefore, we show the essay score of the ACT on myStatus. In our system, we will also have the ACT English/Writing score, along with all the other sections.