Friday, August 27, 2010

UGA Admissions Amazing Race

Yesterday, the majority of the Admissions staff participated in a 4 hour campus adventure we called "The UGA Admissions Amazing Race", modeled after the TV show The Amazing Race. Four of us (me included) mapped out eight locations around the campus that were important to Admissions, either because of the offices located there (Visitors Center, Brumby Residence Hall, GA Center/Hotel, Tate Center and parking deck), or because of a unique item within the building (Peabody Awards in Journalism, Dinosaur Sloth bones in Boyd Hall, "Green" roof at the new Lamar Dodd Art building, Alumni House bulldog).

There were seven teams, and they were given progressive clues to the various places on campus, and many times were asked to perform a task. Whether calling the dawgs at the VC or posing with the sloth bones, the teams raced across campus and learn more about UGA and each other.

Along the way, we also wanted to teach our Admissions team about how we communicate, and if the information we give out seems like mysterious clues that sometimes leave prospective students confused or lost (like one Amazing Race team that took photos of 4 roofs before finding the environmentally "green" roof at Dodd). There were a number of puzzled faces, a few "But you didn't tell me I couldn't do that" phrases, and some tired admissions people by the end of the day, but overall it was a great success!

So hopefully when you consider applying to UGA, our office will give you clear and accurate information, and I am guessing that we will be looking at how we communicate so as to give prospective students the best service possible.

Go Dawgs!


  1. Hello. When I print on the first year 2011 Application in the printable forms section at the following URL - - It opens the 2010 application. Is there a place I can go to access a printable version of the 2011 application? Thanks for your help.

  2. Anon: Actually, you are printing out the 2011 form, but the year was accidentally left as 2010, and we will fix that shortly. We do not use the introduction pages much at all in our office, and they will be removed soon, but all the other parts have been corrected.

  3. DGraves,

    I applied and got my transcript sent to admissions, and UGA said they received the payment and transcript a couple of days later. 1.) Is that everything yall need? 2.) How much longer would you estimate it would be before I see something new on my status page other than I am being considered as a transfer student? Thanks!

  4. Hopeful: If you have submitted all the transcripts from colleges you have ever attended, than along with the app. and app. fee, that is all you would need as a transfer applicant. As for when we will make a decision, I could not say, as it depends on the number of applicants, when your file was complete, etc. We hope to have all spring transfer decisions done by late Sept.

  5. DGraves,

    I actually just found out today that I was accepted. Thank you so much for your blog and help!