Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Suggestions for What to Ask (and Not to Ask)

Greetings Everyone!

I will be out of the office for a few days, so please be patient as I will not be able to answer your questions for a short while.

In preparation for this, here are a few suggestions for what type of questions to ask or not ask on this blog (and if you speak to an admissions counselor) in order to best help you in the admissions process.

1) Do not ask me to guess if you will be admitted or not. My standard answer will be to let you know that I will not guess about decisions, as it is too complicated, I do not have enough information on you and the overall applicant pool, and I just cannot do it.

2) Ask questions about the process, especially if you are confused about something. It is not bad to ask questions, and I will be happy to tell you more about our process, what we look at in an applicant, etc.

3) Do not spread an admissions myth or rumor when asking a question. I am happy to answer any question you have, but it always starts things on a bad note when I have to shoot down an admissions myth to start my response (see Top 10 Urban Legends).

4) Feel free to ask about timelines, deadlines, and what is happening in Admissions during the year. Also feel free to offer up suggestions for what you would like to read more about concerning admissions.

5) Avoid phrases such as "I heard", try the search field before asking some questions, be patient, and try not to use Anonymous when commenting.

6) Remember that this is a public forum, so make sure your comments are suitable for the public. As well, remember that this is a blog where you can learn about UGA and interact with someone from Admissions. This is not a UGA discussion chat room where you are asking other viewers of their guesses, opinions, etc. There are other forums for this type of chat, but not here.

7) Go Dawgs!!! (I had to say it!).


  1. I applied for the Spring 2011 semester and was curious as to when I would know anything. Would it be after September 1st?

  2. Pardon my previous post DGraves, I did not see the Blog Archive to the right.

  3. My roommate and I both put down each other's name to live together. We were both admitted on regular decision and we put down the same residence hall. is there a reason as to why we didn't get each other? is there any way we can suggest to our roommates to switch so we can get each other?

  4. Does UGA taking into account pluses and minuses when calculating a transfer student GPA?

  5. Hello. I am applying as a transferring sophomore for the Spring of 2011. I just finished my Summer courses and my transcript will be ready on Tuesday (the 27th of July). I plan on sending my transcript straight to UGA on that same day, along with my completed application.

    How soon after that should I get an answer?
    Thanks for your time!

  6. Anon: Your housing question would be a good question for housing, but I, as an admissions person, would not feel comfortable giving you advice on such a specific housing question.

    Anon II: No, UGA does not use plus/minus for transfer student GPA's.

    Anon: I am not sure exactly when you would have a decision on Spring 2011 transfer admission, but I would hope before the end of September.

  7. Hi DGraves, I was wondering...Do grades transfer or just credits once you have been accepted?

  8. Carly: When a student has transferable work, both the grades and the hours will transfer. At UGA, there are two GPA's (or more). There is a UGA GPA, for all work taken at UGA. There is also an overall GPA, which is the GPA for all college classes taken. I believe there is also a major GPA for courses in your major.

  9. as an international freshman
    tudent do i need to evaluate my high school certificate or i can just send it as it is because on my application its asking for a foreign high school transcript but it didnt specify whether i should evaluate it or not

  10. Anon: I would suggest that you have your international HS certificate reviewed by a company that does intl evaluations, and have the report sent to UGA along with a copy of your HS certificate. This will help speed the review along.

  11. What address can I send my recommendation letters to?

  12. Madeline: If you are a freshman applicant, we would suggest that your counselor and teacher use our online school forms. The links can be found at http://www.admissions.uga.edu/article/high_school_counselors.html, question 5. If you are a transfer applicant, we do not ask for recommendations, and they will not be used in the admission process.