Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Organized!

In a few weeks, most freshman applications will go live around the country (UGA's application will go live in mid-August). As such, Here are a few suggestions to get prepared and organized as you begin this process.
  • Go out and by a large bin, crate, or accordion style file holder to keep all of your college materials . In addition, create a section for each college where you will be applying, purchase enough folders for different sections for each college (admission, financial aid, housing, scholarships, etc.), and label each folder with the college's name ans section.
  • Create a checklist for each college, which should include a section for both the deadline date and the date submitted for each item. Your list should include all the required materials, from the application, application fee, transcript, test scores, recommendations, etc. The checklist should also have a place to list any user name and password that you have for the college's application or status check.
  • Purchase or print out a master calendar where you can list the important dates for each college. This could include the deadline dates, the notification dates, May 1 commitment deposit date, etc. You can use different colors for the different schools (red for UGA, orange for Clemson, etc.). Post this calendar in a prominent place in your house.
  • Have a section in the file holder where you can print out and keep copies of your essays along with a flash drive containing the essays. You never know when you might need them, and it is good to keep them on hand.
  • UGA suggests that you print out a copy of your application and keep it in your file holder, as you may want to check it for accuracy and to see what you wrote.
  • You should have a folder for each college where you can store important mailings from the college. This would include any reminders, invitations, decision letters, financial aid offers, etc. You do not need to keep every piece of mail sent to you (that would need too much space!), but keep the important ones!
Go Dawgs!!


    1. I would like to print my application for a final review. Is there an easy way to print all of the sections at once?

    2. Anon: When you come to the end of the application submission online, you can print out a copy there.