Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get Organized!

In a few weeks, most freshman applications will go live around the country (UGA's application will go live in mid-August). As such, Here are a few suggestions to get prepared and organized as you begin this process.
  • Go out and by a large bin, crate, or accordion style file holder to keep all of your college materials . In addition, create a section for each college where you will be applying, purchase enough folders for different sections for each college (admission, financial aid, housing, scholarships, etc.), and label each folder with the college's name ans section.
  • Create a checklist for each college, which should include a section for both the deadline date and the date submitted for each item. Your list should include all the required materials, from the application, application fee, transcript, test scores, recommendations, etc. The checklist should also have a place to list any user name and password that you have for the college's application or status check.
  • Purchase or print out a master calendar where you can list the important dates for each college. This could include the deadline dates, the notification dates, May 1 commitment deposit date, etc. You can use different colors for the different schools (red for UGA, orange for Clemson, etc.). Post this calendar in a prominent place in your house.
  • Have a section in the file holder where you can print out and keep copies of your essays along with a flash drive containing the essays. You never know when you might need them, and it is good to keep them on hand.
  • UGA suggests that you print out a copy of your application and keep it in your file holder, as you may want to check it for accuracy and to see what you wrote.
  • You should have a folder for each college where you can store important mailings from the college. This would include any reminders, invitations, decision letters, financial aid offers, etc. You do not need to keep every piece of mail sent to you (that would need too much space!), but keep the important ones!
Go Dawgs!!

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Suggestions for What to Ask (and Not to Ask)

    Greetings Everyone!

    I will be out of the office for a few days, so please be patient as I will not be able to answer your questions for a short while.

    In preparation for this, here are a few suggestions for what type of questions to ask or not ask on this blog (and if you speak to an admissions counselor) in order to best help you in the admissions process.

    1) Do not ask me to guess if you will be admitted or not. My standard answer will be to let you know that I will not guess about decisions, as it is too complicated, I do not have enough information on you and the overall applicant pool, and I just cannot do it.

    2) Ask questions about the process, especially if you are confused about something. It is not bad to ask questions, and I will be happy to tell you more about our process, what we look at in an applicant, etc.

    3) Do not spread an admissions myth or rumor when asking a question. I am happy to answer any question you have, but it always starts things on a bad note when I have to shoot down an admissions myth to start my response (see Top 10 Urban Legends).

    4) Feel free to ask about timelines, deadlines, and what is happening in Admissions during the year. Also feel free to offer up suggestions for what you would like to read more about concerning admissions.

    5) Avoid phrases such as "I heard", try the search field before asking some questions, be patient, and try not to use Anonymous when commenting.

    6) Remember that this is a public forum, so make sure your comments are suitable for the public. As well, remember that this is a blog where you can learn about UGA and interact with someone from Admissions. This is not a UGA discussion chat room where you are asking other viewers of their guesses, opinions, etc. There are other forums for this type of chat, but not here.

    7) Go Dawgs!!! (I had to say it!).

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Spring 2011 Transfer Decisions

    Starting today, the UGA Admssions office will begin reviewing Spring 2011 transfer applications and making admission decisions on files that are complete. This will start off slow, as we are still working with incoming freshman concerning final HS transcripts, and we are still posting updated transfer work for Fall transfers and freshman with dual enrollment credit.

    We will be reviewing files based upon when an applicant has both applied and submitted all the necessary transcripts. My biggest suggestion is to make sure that all transcripts from all colleges you have attended have been both submitted and RECEIVED by the UGA admissions office. If you attended a local college for a few classes while in high school, send in the transcript. If you attended, a technical school and don't know if the work will transfer, send in the transcript. In other words, if you attended a college, send in the transcript.

    The status check will show you if the transcript has been received by UGA, and it will also show a date of when we were able to match it with your file. Make sure that you have sent in any and all updated transcripts, as we cannot review a file for Spring 2011 if the last transcript you submitted does not include your most recent college work (for instance, if you sent in a transcript in March 2010, it will not include your Spring 2010 term grades). It is up to you to make sure you get everything in to our office, as we cannot request transcripts on your behalf. As well, do not fax in materials, as they will go straight to the shredder.

    Please be patient as we review the files, as our team has a number of jobs to complete during the late summer.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Booker T. Washington HS Valedictorian Speech

    Just a quick post to share a video that has been circulating through our office for the last few weeks.

    Deonte Bridges, the Valedictorian at Booker T. Washington HS in Atlanta, GA, gives a powerful speech at graduation. We are excited that Deonte will be a member of the UGA Class of 2014!!

    Deonte Bridges Valedictorian Speech

    Go Dawgs, and Go Deonte!

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    Hard Work

    As you might have guessed, I am a big fan of fables, and the following one applies directly to the idea of students challenging themselves and working hard.

    Aesop's Fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper"

    Once there lived an ant and a grasshopper in a grassy meadow. 

    All day long the ant would work hard, collecting grains of wheat from the farmer's field far away. She would hurry to the field every morning, as soon as it was light enough to see by, and toil back with a heavy grain of wheat balanced on her head. She would put the grain of wheat carefully away in her larder, and then hurry back to the field for another one. All day long she would work, without stop or rest, scurrying back and forth from the field, collecting the grains of wheat and storing them carefully in her larder.
    The grasshopper would look at her and laugh. 'Why do you work so hard, dear ant?' he would say. 'Come, rest awhile, listen to my song. Summer is here, the days are long and bright. Why waste the sunshine in labour and toil?' 

    The ant would ignore him, and head bent, would just hurry to the field a little faster. This would make the grasshopper laugh even louder. 'What a silly little ant you are!' he would call after her. 'Come, come and dance with me! Forget about work! Enjoy the summer! Live a little!' And the grasshopper would hop away across the meadow, singing and dancing merrily. 

    Summer faded into autumn, and autumn turned into winter. The sun was hardly seen, and the days were short and grey, the nights long and dark. It became freezing cold, and snow began to fall. 

    The grasshopper didn't feel like singing any more. He was cold and hungry. He had nowhere to shelter from the snow, and nothing to eat. The meadow and the farmer's field were covered in snow, and there was no food to be had. 'Oh what shall I do? Where shall I go?' wailed the grasshopper. Suddenly he remembered the ant. 'Ah - I shall go to the ant and ask her for food and shelter!' declared the grasshopper, perking up. So off he went to the ant's house and knocked at her door. 'Hello ant!' he cried cheerfully. 'Here I am, to sing for you, as I warm myself by your fire, while you get me some food from that larder of yours!'
    The ant looked at the grasshopper and said, 'All summer long I worked hard while you made fun of me, and sang and danced. You should have thought of winter then! Find somewhere else to sing, grasshopper! There is no warmth or food for you here!' And the ant shut the door in the grasshopper's face. 

    It is wise to worry about tomorrow today. 

    When UGA talks about working hard in the classroom and a challenging yourself in the courses you take, we are repeating the same idea that has been told for years and years.  If you are planning on attending UGA, put forth the effort to make it a reality! I know that challenging yourself with Honors classes, taking dual enrollment or AP/IB courses, and working on research papers are not always fun, but if it prepares you for the future, then it is worth it! Don't get caught at the beginning of senior year looking back at three years of just getting by, and wondering if the doors to UGA are going to close in your face.

    Prepare for your future now, and remember, Go Dawgs!