Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Every year, UGA works with between 60,000 and 70,000 potential applicants to UGA. These students come to our attention through college fairs, emails and letters asking for information, SAT or ACT scores sent to UGA, visits to campus, etc. We receive information from students as early as 6th grade, but with a majority of the students being either a sophomore or junior. One of the first things you should know, though, is that we have to know about you before we can start to send you information about UGA! If you are not on our radar screen, there is nothing we can do. As well, the information a prospective student give us determines what information UGA will send out. For instance, if your SAT/ACT meets a certain level, we will send out information on Honors/Scholarship programs. In addition, UGA Admissions utilizes electronic communications, high school visits, on and off campus programs, and a large amount of mailings to communicate with students. Here is a short list of what happened during the 2008-2009 recruiting cycle:

489 High School visits
325 College Fairs
52,000 students seen on the road by UGA counselors
51,000 miles driven on personal vehicles
600 Information Sessions
38 on campus recruiting programs (by invitation)
27 special events off-campus (by invitation)
4,000 walk-in students seen by counselors at admissions
170 phone calls on average per day
18,000 email requests from prospective students
300,000+ pieces of mail sent out
Over 500,000 emails sent out to students and counselors
15 very exhausted UGA Admission Counselors

I hope this gives you at least a small glimpse into what our office does during the recruitment side of things during the year, and we hope to give you even more insight into the recruitment side of things at a later date.


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  2. Anon parent: I am sorry that you and your family did not have a good interaction with UGA, and I wish your two daughters the best at the colleges they selected.

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  4. Regarding this site: I'm admittedly ignorant of blogging... was wondering if there is a way to view the most recent posts (regardless of which blog/topic they are commented under? I do see the small feed on the right side of the screen that leads you to recent Q or A's but it leads to the topic comment or answer was posted under and a lot of clicking and scrolling to reach it. And there's no way to continue beyond those 4-5 recent ones listed (meaning the right side feed of recent Q/A's). I've tried entering the date - April 7, 2010 in the search as well. Is there a way to avoid unnecessary navigation? If not, is it possible to reverse the comments under each topic so that you don't have to scroll down to read the most recent post?

  5. I am still having problems with password malfunctioning. Request for re-sets aren't arriving to my email address. Have emailed 3 times to admin-tech over last couple of days (from various email accounts in the event my email was the problem) I have receive no responses. I chatted with another tech department yesterday and they couldn't help but gave me a number to call. The person answering (I think she just answered telephone "admissions" so I didn't think the line rang to a designated tech person)said that email was the only communication. Are you aware if they are swamped with tech issues of late which has slowed down their response time?

  6. Miss Doe: Since I answer a number of questions here, I am not sure what your password issue is. Is it with admissions, MyID, etc. I can only speak for admissions, adn we are not overwhelmed. I would not suggest you over-send emails, as you do need to give them a little time to answer an email before sending another one with the same issue.

    As far as the blog, you should be able to see a field called "Blog Archive" on the right hand side, which gives you the year and month posts. As well, you can search using the upper right hand corner search field. Since blogspot is not controlled by UGA, I can not reverse the comments order.

  7. My daughter is beginning high school next year but our county (GA) is now only offering Accelerated Math I, II, and III in a block schedule format. This worries me because she is already taking Algebra I at a private school and will therefore be repeating Algebra in Accelerated I. What do you look for in math classes? I'm thinking she should stay at her private school and follow the traditional math track.

  8. kshea: My suggestion is to speak in detail to the high school counseling office at the public school, and determine their placement procedures for math. I could not guess what she is now ready for in freshman math, and both you and the counselor would have a better idea. The Math I-IV classes are now standard throughout the state, along with advanced classes beyond those.

  9. Thank you, you answered my question by stating that the Math I-IV classes are standard now. I love your blog!

  10. Does UGA do recruitment for their cheerleading program? I have a daughter who wants to go to UGA (she will be a sophomore next year) and be on the competitive cheerleading squad. Do I contact someone from the Athletics Department?

  11. Anon: You should go to http://georgiadogs.com/ and under teams, select the "Spirit Program" link. This will tell you about the cheerleading program and give you contact information, and there is also a link titled "Try Outs" for more information on this part of the process.