Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don't Hit the Panic Button!

There is a scene from Animal House, where Kevin Bacon's character, Chip Diller, is shouting "Remain Calm! All is well!", while a panicked mob crushes him as it runs away from a parade gone mad. This is how I feel about this time of year. And at times, the end result is the same, with both of us trampled on the sidewalk, gasping for air.

During the two weeks surrounding a deadline, life is hectic in all admissions offices. Applications are swarming in, materials are delivered to us in large mailing bins, emails are flying through our computers, and the lights on the phones are always glowing, showing us the incoming calls. And almost every one of those emails or phone calls is about one thing, "Is it there yet? Why isn't it there yet?".

The best thing for everyone to do during this time is to remain calm and don't panic. Give UGA (and any other colleges to which you are applying) time to dig out from the onslaught of materials. For our office, I expect that a majority of items that are sent by the deadline will be matched up by about January 27th or so. The one exception I give is if a student applied by using a paper application, as this slows down the process a great deal. So be patient, make sure that the materials were actually sent and have your correct name on them, and relax. Also remember that if multiple items were mailed in together, our office splits things up based upon what they are (transcripts, teacher recs, etc.) for quicker imaging and processing, so if one thing shows up as received and one does not yet, remain calm.

And just so you know, our status check is not real-time, but it is updated every night, and I have requested that our technology team also update it every afternoon so students can see more current information. This means you do not have to check it twenty times a day.

Go Dawgs, and remain calm ( I just had to say it one more time!).


  1. My online account to finish my application is not letting me log in because it says I have either a wrong user-name or password. I tried resetting both but the website did not send my new password/user-name to my e-mail. I'm calling the admissions office today to try to get them to allow the website to log me in, but I'm afraid something else will go wrong....
    If all else fails would it look really bad if I mailed in a paper application that was at least postmarked by Jan. 15th?

  2. Anon: Since this is a technical issue with your online application, you will want to communicate with the technical side of our office. On the application area, you will most likely see a link in the upper right hand corner labeled "Need Help?" or something to that affect. This is an email straight to our tech area, and this is how you should proceed.

    As well, we do not shut down the application at 12 midnight tonight, as we know a few people will have issues because of waiting until the last few days, and then having problems. Be patient, keep with the online app, and if something then happens where you are not able to have it go through, mail it in with a sticky note on the front. But I expect we will keep the application open for a few days after the deadline for problem issues.

  3. Can I have info on how to get an appointment/interview with admissions?

  4. Anon: We do not have admissions interviews at UGA, but we are happy to have you visit our campus and learn more about the admissions process during one of our information sessions. You can then speak with the counselor leading the information session about any questions you might have.

    During February and most of March, we will limiting our admission counselors availability as we go into our file reading season. As such, the information session is the best way to learn more and ask questions.

  5. oh ok. Has the next information session date been fixed?

  6. Anon: Information sessions are open for students Monday-Friday in Terrell Hall. You can go to http://visit.uga.edu/ to sign up for a tour, an information session, or just to learn more about visiting UGA.

  7. My son submitted his online application on 1/14/10. The application status check shows a red 'x'. I have read your "patience" blogs and completely understand the need for it, but I would have expected an online app would be refreshed within 24 hours of submission. Is this a technical glitch or something that we need to address with the admissions office? Thanks for your help.

  8. Anon Mom: If your son submitted the application on Thursday, and you are able to get into the status check system, that generally means that the application went into our student information system. But since it has only been one business day since he applied (Friday, and the next business day is Tuesday), patience does come into play. We will most likely have over 3,000 applications come through the system during the last few days before the deadline, and so we need a little time to take care of things.

    Remember, I did warn students that if they decided to apply right around the deadline, they were making a choice that would cause a little delay in things due to the volume. I know that patience is not an easy word, but it applies to this situation.