Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Admissions Numbers vs. Enrollment Numbers

UGA has just sent out a press release on the Summer/Fall 2009 enrolling class, and we are thrilled to welcome them to campus! This is an incredibly strong group of incoming freshman and transfer students, and we know they will do well on our campus.

As I have warned you in the past, though, please be cautious with statistics. For instance, the numbers in the press release are for enrolling students at UGA, not for admitted applicants. At every college, there will be a difference (some big, some small) between the admitted student averages and the enrolling student averages. For example, about 4,700 freshman are enrolling at UGA for the Summer/Fall of 2009. When some people hear we had 18,000 applicants and enrolled 4,700 of them, they calculate these odds and freak out a little bit. But if you look a little deeper, you see that out of the 18,000 applications, we then accepted about 9,000 students, and a little over 4,700 then enrolled. Sounds a little better, right?

I would suggest you look at UGA's First-Year Class Profile for more information about our freshman class, and also for some interesting facts about this group. Enjoy!


  1. Hello-
    Are the enrolled student gpa and test averages higher or lower than the admitted student averages this year?

  2. Generally, a colleges enrolling student statistics are somewhat lower than the admitted student statistics. A reason for this is that the stronger admitted students generally have more college options (admitted at more institutions, merit scholarships, etc), and thus are slightly less likely to attend College X. A straight A average, 10 AP, 1600/800 SAT applicant generally has more colleges pursuing him/her than an applicant with a lower academic profile. This does not fit all applicants or colleges, but in general it is accurate.

  3. If I apply for early decision, but will not retake the SAT until a few days before the application deadeline; will my old socres be used for consideration or the newsest scores?
    Thank you.

  4. Anon: We will be able to use the new SAT scores when making EA decisions, as we do not make decisions on a rolling basis. We make decisions after reviewing all of the EA files. Just make sure that when you sign up for the SAT, you ask for the scores to be sent to UGA, as the College Board can get it to us within 3 weeks of the exam.

  5. do ESL student have a shot to uga with low sat scores

  6. Mike: Yes, we have a number of students for whom English is not their first language at UGA, and when reviewing a file, this is one item we look at when trying to understand the overall applicant (especially when there are high grades and a low SAT/ACT). We also look at how long a student has been in an English speaking school, as this can also help us understand the situation.

    This does not mean, though, that it is easier or harder for an ESL student to be admitted. What is means is that we look at this fact within the context of the entire applicant to better understand them as a student and a person.