Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts on the upcoming freshman for Fall 2010

It is early summer at UGA, which means it is already time to start thinking about freshmen applying for the Summer/Fall of 2010. Our office just began the implementation of an imaging process yesterday, so it will mean the end of paper files for next year. No more paper cuts, searching for files, or moving files back and forth between people in the office. But it is also the time to start thinking about next year's class, and getting everything ready for a new group of applicants. I will post next year's application essays on our website tomorrow, along with a few new web pages giving advice on the admission process and essay writing. Now you are probably thinking, why is this guy starting a blog about UGA Admissions? After being stopped for the 300th time in a grocery store, little league game, or at a restaurant to answer questions about admissions, or just to shoot down admissions myths, I thought it was time to share these answers with the world (or at least just my small part of it). I should also pay thanks to other admissions individuals who have great blogs, from Dean J. at UVA to Scott V. at USC, and all the other admissions individuals who are helping make the process clearer. More to come shortly!!


  1. okay... my GPA isn't as high as it should be. it's a 3.1 unweighted when every teacher has told me that i should have a high A in their class instead of cruising by with a B. my SAT score is 1790- 600 reading, 600 math 590 essay. i've finally figured out that i do need to get A's instead of cruising by. i've matured, but my question is: is it too little too late?

  2. Greg: Sorry for the slow reply, but my email did not get the alert about your comment. I can never say if it is too late or not, but you need to show all colleges that you have matured by both your actions in the class and out. My suggestion for UGA is to apply RD, get in your first semester grades (and do well!) and make sure we an see your growth.